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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 7: “Back to the Beginning”, Bite #19,What we owe the World

Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #7 
“Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks : 

“Leading Facts” by David H. Montgomery 1899 and Everyday Civics by Charles Edward Finch 1921: Our Land: Our People 1937 Webster;s School Text:

Highlights submitted by Pearl L. Sturgis:

“Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks :


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Daily Bites of Global Strong Citizens Cold War: Series 7“ “Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks :
  Harvard 1635 motto: Motto of Harvard University when it was founded in 1635. To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life is to know God and Jesus Christ when it was founded with the seal that has inscription that reads CHRISTO ET ECCLESIA.
Daily Bites of Citizens Commission of Human Rights International

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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 7 “Back to the Beginning” 

Bite #19,What we owe the World:

 Halleck’s History Public School Textbook 1926

After we have appreciated our home, neighborhood, state, and country, we shall be prepared to show the wider patriotism that desires the welfare of the world. Selfish and thoughtless people are apt to think that the world owes them much more than they owe it. It will startle us, the heirs of all ages, if we try to answer the apparently simple question: “How many worked for us that we may have a plain dinner of meat, bread, butter, and potatoes, with salt and pepper, knife and fork, plate and napkins?” 

We shall follow a long trail in which we shall find inventions, and thousands of other people working for us through the centuries. If we thank everyone for their service as we go, beginning with those in our home, we shall be weary by the time we have found the man who invented the mariners compass. We shall have to rest many times as we go down the trail leading to the one who domesticated the cow, cared for her, and bequeathed her to us.

It will be easier for us to be patriotic after we have stumbled along this trail for a short distance. We shall then realize how much more the world has done for us than we have done for the world. We shall then understand that patriotism means the payment of a duty to our home and country and to mankind. In 1797 toward the end of George Washington’s presidency he gave his famous Farewell Address in which he advised America to stay out of the affairs of our neighboring countries and never permit our neighboring countries to interfere in our American affairs.

These words were coined which he had spoken before congress: “FIRST IN WAR: FIRST IN PEACE: FIRST IN THE HEART OF OUR COUNTRYMEN:”
(to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
Global Strong Cities Cold War series 7
 “Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks :

Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 7: “Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks Highlights submitted by Pearl L. Sturgis:

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Bite #30 The Debit Card:

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #7  
“Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks 

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