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And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.

House Begins Impeachment Believe it or Not !

House Begins Impeachment – It’s Just Not Who They Should be Impeaching

Why I support Doctor Carson for The Presidency!

Are We Missing Something About Benghazi ?

The Real Benghazi Scandal Everyone Is Missing

Alpha and Omega

And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Dr. Ben Carson : What Do You Know About Him ?

This is very very disturbing and people should know about this.

I had heard he had been a democrat and voted for Obama in 2008 but I couldn't get this verified.





POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "More Thoughts On The Debate From Hell!!!"


Get Your Ice Cold Conservatives Here !!!

GOP, Deal With It – We Conservatives Are Here To Stay





BEN CARSON : On our Government and Tyranny


Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.



by Joe Esposito

To surrender is what they do best. They raise the white flag once again The House Freedom Caucus capitulates as well. It doesn't matter if it's Boehner or Ryan We see some rumbling about this disgusting budget deal. 

You think the GOP will try and kill this bill?? If you do I'd advise you to get real Paulie will soon become a Speaker. The thought of that gives many on the RIGHT pure fright He has allies in Obama's White House. You can hear their squeals of delight. 

This nauseating wonk says this deal stinks but he'll support it anyway. He is so reprehensible The letter 'B' should be stamped on his forehead. It stands for BETRAYAL It is said that Paulie and Boehner are performing a 'good cop/bad cop' routine. There's nothing good about either one. I find them both utterly obscene.

Of course Boehner broke another pledge. He promised that the House would be given 72 hours to review this deal. This budget But it was in the dark of night. Just another example of Boehner's underhanded s**t!! 

The debt just keeps on rising. It reaches enormous levels but these politicians don't a flying 'you know what'. Future generations will suffer immensely from this debt. When will these blithering idiots come to grips that this debt must be cut? 

This budget deal is the first step in Paulie's Speakership of total capitulation Obama's is smiling from big ear to big ear because he knows from Ryan there will be no confrontation The sound you are hearing are cries of joy from that detestable rodent, Luis Guttierez, who has always found the wonk a strong ally and buddy Fellow patriots, get ready for what is sure to come and that is the dreaded AMNESTY!! 

The Speakership will soon be passed from one betrayer to another who will prove to be far, far worse. It seems that we are cursed The GOP is in a most dire position. It's downward course must somehow be reversed.

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Women Have Suffered More Under Obama Policies

by Stephen Moore 

Now that Hillary Clinton has, by default, sewn up the Democratic nomination, expect Democrats to play the gender card for all its worth. In August, Clinton lashed out at the GOP field: "extreme views on women, we expect from some of the terrorist groups ... but it's a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States."

Wise in Your Own Eyes

Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!



by Joe Esposito

Let me get this straight. The RNC wanted desperately for The DON to support the eventual nominee. But they never imagined in their wildest dreams that he could be the winner. Now they are beside themselves for it looks like Trump might come out first.

 To these knuckleheads this scenario is by far the absolute worst What to do?? What to do?? They are in a true bind. They cannot play fair. Didn't they promise the DON that's not what they'd do? Would they go back on their word. Would they dare? Watch as these backstabbers do to Trump things that to Obama they'd never try to do.

 It's the political party of betrayal. We all know that to be true The GOP deserves our scorn. They have been contemptible in every way. We have a string of their unbroken promises. 

About them there is so much that you can say Most of it is not good. They lead us by the 'you know what' and we blindly give them our vote. But we must do something to loosen the rope that they hang around our throat. They will sabotage Donald Trump and he'll run as a third party candidate. 

They just never learn. Losing another Presidential election has become their fate. They'll blame the DON for losing. He will be their convenient escape goat. But it's really their fault . They're always stuffing a detestable RINO down our throat

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 "You Ain't Got My Vote!!!" 
by Joe Esposito

 It's time to turn in my GOP card. It is clearly not the home for anyone who believes in the principles of the RIGHT The Republicans are truly becoming a disaster. Is there a doubt in anyone's mind that they have become Democrat-lite? There is talk about a two year budget deal between Obama and Boehner that both want to get done before Ryan becomes Speaker Into the quagmire this GOP goes, sinking deeper and deeper The raising of the debt ceiling will again occur as the same scenario plays out once again And please don't get me started on that miserable turncoat slimy wonk, Paulie Ryan Our Congress is so pathetic. 

I find myself saying it ad nauseum The lack of will to use the tools at their disposal is what's wrong with them My nose is in extreme pain after I vote each and every Election Day I hold it while I vote time and time again for the GOP candidate. No more can I do it this way Cruz is the only candidate with Conservative principles. He has the RIGHT appeal But the DON is the one who will most likely seal the deal The others can kiss my 'you know what' for each is different shade of RINO. 

You can look up the records of each one of them They will betray you after they secure your vote. That is their stratagem For close to eight years arrogance and tyranny have been a staple of this administration Congress under this cowardly Republican does not know the meaning of confrontation They just go along with Obama. There's no pretense of their duplicity These gutless sycophants aid and abet this big eared despot. It's full fledged complicity How they can trust this incoming Speaker is beyond comprehension for he is in favor of amnesty?? To think that the Republicans will get a big share of the Hispanic vote because this is just out and out fantasy

 The House Freedom Caucus is the last line of defense for we on the RIGHT But in the end they'll cave like the rest of their brethren. What can I say. They're just not too bright This campaign will be a long one with plenty of ups and downs from what we'll see Hillary will be waiting to see who the Republican nominee will be Don't be surprised if it's neither Trump or Cruz. We will probably get some RINO sh**thead If that's the case someone kindly pass me a write in ballot. Enough said.

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A Tale of Two Committees

by Bernard J. Byrne

In May of 1973 the "Watergate Committee" was formed in the United States Senate to investigate President Nixon's campaign activities and his possible role in the cover-up of the burglary at the Democratic campaign office at the Watergate Hotel. The committee was led by four members of the majority Democratic party and three members of the minority Republican party.

 Those of you old enough to remember watching the proceedings on TV, can remember well that it was a very non-partisan investigation, with Republicans asking tough questions pertaining to the investigation, and knowing that their job was to ascertain the facts, no matter where the chips fell. 

 It was Minority party leader, Senator Howard Baker Jr., who asked the now famous question, "What did the President know, and when did he know it?" The republican members of the committee worked hand in hand with their Democratic counter parts, to get at the truth, for the good of the Country. The committee, working together brought out the truth of what ensued, before, during and after this critical time in our Country's history. Working together, they brought a non-partisan end to this crisis.

Fast forward to May 2014 and the formation of the "House Select Committee on Benghazi" to investigate the terrorists attack on our government facility in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four brave Americans. 

One and a half hours before the attack was even over, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was spreading reports about the cause of the attack, reports that turned out to be not only untrue, but were known to her, to be untrue. 

Despite the deaths of four Americans and the many questions surrounding Benghazi and why it had such poor security, the Democrats on the committee have done everything they can think of to hamper the investigation. The minority ranking member Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings bemoaned how there were seven other Benghazi investigations at a cost of almost $20 million dollars and how that $20 million dollars could have been used to improve the security of our Embassies.

I wonder how much better our Embassies security could be made, if they could utilize the $475 million tax dollars that the Democrats insist on giving to Planned Parenthood every year? They even hold our Country's entire budget hostage to their commitment to Abortion on demand, any time and any way. 

To show that the Democrat's participation on the committee was only to hinder and obstruct the truthful findings of the committee, one only has to look at the actions of Democrat representative Adam Smith of Washington State. While he has been the loudest, and most critical Democrat of the Committee's workings, he has also been the most absent member, in their proceedings. In fact, in the hundred's of hours spent on questioning the first fifty-four witnesses before the committee, Adam Smith was present for only one hour.

Far from the bi-partisan co-operation, for the good of the Country that was shown by the Watergate Committee, the Benghazi Committee shows that even finding the truth about the deaths of four brave Americans does not come before protecting and enhancing the reputation of a Democratic Presidential candidate.  Is nothing sacred anymore, in the Democratic Party?


Bernard J. Byrne is a resident of Doylestown Township in Bucks County, PA.

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Evidence grows: TO Impeach Obama

Impeach Obama now or America will go extinct. 


Little Children

I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name's sake.

The Holy Cause of Liberty :

By Pearl Leona Sturgis
Bill of Rights Commemorative Day

On March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry spoke of the Holy Cause of Liberty. The Federal constitution stated in the secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. From the determined barons who 899 years ago forced King John to place his seal on the Magna Carta to the courageous Patrick Henry whose bold assertions in 1765 against tyranny and in defense of inherited and God given rights the "Holy Cause of Liberty" has had its defenders-even unto death!

What of the Holy Cause of Liberty today? What of our posterity? What of ourselves? A panel discussion at this year's banquet will consider the question. Each panelist will consider their own observations, concerns and recommendations, followed by an opportunity to comment on the remarks of others, time permitting. Those attending will have opportunity to question the panelists.Nominations are still being accepted for the recipients of the 2015 Bill of Rights Award.which will be announced that evening.Come for an enjoyable and informative evening. Meet a diverse group of folks concerned for Liberty's future. Commemorate Bill of Rights Day with us.In Liberty's Cause.Carris Kocher

* What an honor that I have been invited to that banquet. Even if I don't get to go I consider it a great honor. I met her over a TV show called "Voice of Freedom." She took my Pilgrims Path to Freedom history compilations and made copies for home school in the year 2000. She stated there was not another history book she had found as informative as what I had compiled of Pilgrims before reaching America in God's Providence. They fled from persecution to this Free Country

Perry Stone Ministries


 I have just been informed of a major plan by the extreme left, that has the support over 100 House members and numerous Senators, that if passed would make it a crime for churches and ministers to publicly say the gay lifestyle is a sin, or not allow them to use your church for their own meetings. It would become a crime and the Justice Department would investigate the allegations of "discrimination", and if the church or minister is "guilty" leveling fines, or if need be incarcerating the leaders. The majority of the politicians among these church haters that are intolerant to traditional religious beliefs happen to be with linked with the "donkey party," and most have no liking for conservative Christians and will use the law to "Silence the religious right," as they call it. We will soon find out within the "church" who is on the Lord's side of the Scriptures and who is "halting between two opinions." It is the days of Elijah all over again, where the Spirit of Jezebel is after the heads (voices) of the men of God. There is serious government persecution coming to all who stand for truth, and when the "left" becomes violent, as did the men of Sodom against Lot, threatening to rape him for his rebuke of their iniquity, God will change the game and the United States hedge will be removed and catastrophic natural disasters will be unleashed. Please mark this day, this post and repost to as many as possible. We must pray for God's Word to always prevail. Also, a UK report from scientists stated that in the future the earth in in danger of a catastrophic meteor shower! Hummm - I recall Jesus predicting the "stars falling from heaven and the powers of heaven being shaken." Sounds like the last days! - more to come on periscope

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The GOP's Nightmare Is Coming True:

 With Jeb Out Of Cash, Insiders Say Trump Nomination Almost Certain

Republican Voters : Have Had A Enough !

“I think we’re just tired of politicians in general,“They don’t keep their word. Their morals are loose. We’re ready for someone who has not been in that world, whether Carly, Ben or Trump.’’
Republican Voters, in Focus Group, Express Rage at Career Politicians 


What are we Waiting for ?

Based on the marked proliferation of press reports coming out of the world’s developed nations and the statements of government officials therein, it appears as though nearly everyone except for the American citizenry (or at least average American news consumers) are aware that members of our government and their powerful confederates engaged in a far-reaching international money-laundering scheme dedicated to financing Islamic terrorists abroad.

Don't Hate - Wait

8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.
9 For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.

POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "No More Bushes!!!!!" or "Ya Estoy Cansada De Ustedes!!!"


POETICALLY SPEAKING CONSERVATIVELY : "And Meanwhile In The Land Of The Far Left..."


Trump And Carson Are Neck and Neck,Coming Down to the Wire

Ben Carson On Our Government :



Chairman Trey Gowdy Rips Democrats: Your Tactics “Infuriate Me

Boss Gowdy did it again!

Chairman Trey Gowdy ripped Democrats on the Benghazi panel earlier today for obstructing the investigation into the 9-11 massacre at the US Benghazi consulate.

This afternoon he did it again.

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Full Circle :

 ‘Politically Correct’ Is Now Politically Incorrect In Wisconsin...or something..

Actor Jon Voight On :

 'Progressive' is Very Devious Term--Created as Substitute for 'Communist' 

Actor Jon Voight, 1969's Oscar winner for "Midnight Cowboy" and currently starring in the hit Showtime series "Ray Donovan," is interviewed in the December issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine. 

In the interview, Voight, 76, talks about politics, movies, his daughter Angelina Jolie, and his Catholicism.

On politics:

“There are a lot of conservatives in Hollywood, and they’re not very welcome. It’s a big surprise that we’ve come to this juncture where people with patriotic thoughts could not find a home in Hollywood.

“I think the word ‘progressive’ is a very devious term. It was created as a substitute for ‘communist.' What they propose is the reverse of progress. It’s some that that does taste of communism and Karl Marx’s pernicious philosophy.”

On his Catholic faith:

“I think when we want to do something for the good—to help other people—we get the help we need. At one point in my career, I made that commitment, and I got help. The hardest lesson is to acknowledge my own weakness and to forgive myself for my mistakes. And to overcome my meaner leanings. But self-forgiveness is a big deal.”

read more:>>>>>Here

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Let All the People Praise Thee

Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee.

Trump : What do you mean GOP, We Had A Deal !

GOP leaders won’t pledge loyalty to Trump


ERIC CANTOR: On Donald Trump


Ex-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor : swept out by the Tea Party-backed

Your Days Are Numbered

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.


by Danny Jeffrey

This is not the essay that I had planned to publish next, nor is it one that I thought that I would ever write. I foresee another one or more 911 events and a collapse of this nation within the next year and have been very busy preparing for the event while writing three other essays. What I have now learned must be delivered to the American people for it upsets much of what we have been taught and believed all of our lives. We have been betrayed and lied to by our leaders and educators since WWII ended, and a non-politically correct fact is now coming out these many years later. Why was it hidden in the first place unless, as I have suggested in the past, that the Globalist agenda was put into place in the aftermath of the Second World War?

That fact: Hitler did not plan the Jewish genocide. That was the brainchild of his ally the Grand Mufti, Allah's direct representative here on Earth.

At the moment Netanyahu is coming under a great deal of fire for revealing a long hidden, deep dark secret. That secret is long overdue for the light of day. The Prime Minister did the unthinkable and stood before the World Zionist Congress and exonerated Adolph Hitler as being the perpetrator of the Jewish genocide and placed the guilt right where it belongs; in the hands of Islam ... the Religion of Peace.

True, Hitler and his henchmen implemented that cycle of death, but that second 'Final Solution' was not of their making. They had their own original Final Solution which also called for ridding Europe of Jews but their plan was to transport all of those Jews to Madagascar where they would be isolated from the rest of the world.

I shall now bring you up to date...

Very important excerpt from the following link. Also watch the very brief video within the link...
“Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said: ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here [to Palestine].’” According to Netanyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the mufti replied: “Burn them.”

The Guardian ... October 21, 2015
Anger at Netanyahu claim Palestinian grand mufti inspired Holocaust

The Guardian, being one of the more liberal participants in the MSM goes on to list detractors of Netanyahu's statement. The only reason that I chose to use their version of the speech and following attacks was due to a open letter to the editor of the Guardian from a Mister Maurice Ostroff.

The Algemeiner ... October 21, 2015
An Open Letter to The Guardian About Netanyahu’s Comments on the Mufti and Hitler

That letter begins...
I believe you owe your readers an explanation for referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement about the Mufti as “incendiary,” while barely noticing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ truly incendiary statements praising the murderers of Jewish civilians, including children, and his use of hateful rhetoric, including calling for Jews “with their filthy feet” to be banned from entering the Temple Mount.

But far and away the true nugget of information that open letter provided led me to a history of the The Madagascar Plan as found in the Jewish Virtual Library.

Jewish Virtual Library ... July 3, 1940
The Nazis & the Jews: The Madagascar Plan

The above link will take you to a history of the Nazi's actual intent in regard to the Jews, and provide many links for the curious to follow. Perhaps most important is the document itself which you will find below in its entirety.

Text of the Madagascar Proposal


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Ryan officially announces he's running for Speaker

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is officially running for Speaker following a demands he made of House Republicans this week to unify behind him.