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Friends and Patriots The Time Has Come To Be Heard

This past election a clear and defined message was sent to Congress and the president. The US Chamber of Commerce party won the election, they just have a leadership change in the Senate. The Tea Party Republicans were the voters who thought they had changed the tide for America. The business as usual House has maintained the leadership that says the people do not matter, they are only needed and useful in election years and they have proven to easily manipulated and usable.

For all of the people who have told us to back down watch how the "new" congress comes in and quickly turns the nation around. Well let's see. Before the new members could be sworn in the two major issues of the election were dealt a near fatal blow by the Republican branch of the US Chamber of Commerce when they fully funded Obamacare and funded the presidents illegal plan on immigration reform. They have all defied and denied both the voters, their oaths of office and the very well enumerated restricted power and authority not given to the federal government in OUR constitution.

It now MUST be the resolve of ALL experienced Patriots to hereby declare that every member now sitting will held to account to both pledge to their voters and to full and complete adherence to the US Constitution. This does not mean nor does it allow for a lawyers precedence being used to circumvent or ignore the clear tenets of it. The Constitution does not allow for nor has it ever allowed for it to be interpreted by any means. Simply put it is a stand alone document that only allows it to be altered by the amendment process. It also becomes the duty and the mandate the experienced Patriots to raise up well vetted candidates who are chose by the people and not by the US Chamber of Commerce. There needs to be real and permanent campaign reform that no longer allows corporations with the deepest pockets to buy congressmen and thus buy legislation that favors them over the will of the people. Several of the Tea Party backed candidates flipped on the people with the Boehner vote for speaker of the House. Intimidation has been victorious over integrity. There MUST be no second chances. Real change will only come with a wholesale change of Congress and at the same time a new vision in the presidency. There is no amount of money that can or will overcome a untied and purposed electorate.

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I petition you the people of the United States of America to use this document to send to your Senators & Representatives as a statement of grievance against the taking of land for federal management denying the natural rights to the ordinary citizen.

Click here to Download Letter 1 Letter of Grievance of the Taking &Management of Our Land

Click here to Download Letter 2

Letter of Alarming Governing Series of Grievances 


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VIDEO: Dave Ramsey lays out the facts of Obamacare for both Democrats and Republicans

"You’re not exempt from math if you’re a Republican, and you’re not exempt from math if you’re a Democrat."  
This video is an excellent resource for anybody who’s struggling to understand what Obamacare means for their pocket book.  Dave lays it out as only Dave can.

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