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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 7: “Back to the Beginning”, Bite #14,The Merrill Act

Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #7 
“Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks : 

“Leading Facts” by David H. Montgomery 1899 and Everyday Civics by Charles Edward Finch 1921: Our Land: Our People 1937 Webster;s School Text:

Highlights submitted by Pearl L. Sturgis:

“Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks :


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Daily Bites of Global Strong Citizens Cold War: Series 7“ “Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks :
  Harvard 1635 motto: Motto of Harvard University when it was founded in 1635. To be plainly instructed and consider well that the main end of your life is to know God and Jesus Christ when it was founded with the seal that has inscription that reads CHRISTO ET ECCLESIA.
Daily Bites of Citizens Commission of Human Rights International

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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 7 “Back to the Beginning” 
Bite #14,The Merrill Act:
Our Land: Our People: Webster 1939

After the mid 1800’s there was a growing list of schools and higher education though many of the institutions were supported by private means. Still state universities were springing up in many of the states and the enrollments in these grew rapidly. They usually owed their beginning to grants of land by the federal government to the states for the purpose of starting colleges. the Merrill Act of 1862 added to early grants many additional millions of acres of Land for the purpose of stimulating knowledge of farming. State Legislators began to appropriate money for buildings, teachers were engaged, and the work had begun.

In the meantime, other colleges that go to makeup a great university were developing. Sometimes they were developed on the same campus with the college of agriculture. Normal schools and colleges for the training of teachers supported by taxation were opened in various states. These increased rapidly in enrollment and usefulness. 

Read carefully the founding of Harvard College and the interesting story of why this famous school was founded. ---------------- “After God has carried us safely to New England and we have built our houses, provided necessities for our livelihood; reared convention places for God’s worship; and settled the civil government, one of the next things we longed for was to perpetuate learning for our posterity, dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers are lying in the dust, and as we were thinking and consulting how to effect this great work, if it please God, to stir up the heart of one Mr. Harvard, a godly gentleman and a lover of learning, there living amongst it, to give of the half of his estate toward the creating of the college and all his library. 

Afterward, many others gave and the public land of the state added to the roll. The college was, by common consent, ordered to be at Cambridge, a place very pleasant to accommodate to the name of the First Founder, John Harvard. Harvard College. 

 (to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
Global Strong Cities Cold War series 7
 “Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks :

Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 7: “Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks Highlights submitted by Pearl L. Sturgis:

Bite #16 Adult Education:

Bite #17 Social Legislation (for stay at home moms) 

Bite #18 Patriotism: 

Bite #19 What we owe the World: 

Bite #20 Twentieth Century Problems: 

Bite #21 The Lunacy Test:

Bite #22 The Railroad Labor Controversy: 

Bite #23 Social Workers

Bite #24 The National Education Association: 

Bite #25 The New National Education Reorganization of 1957: 

Bite #26 The New Global Order: 

Bite #27 The Order and the Plan: 

Bite #28 Smoke Screen Groups:

Bite #29 Our Hero Mole:

Bite #30 The Debit Card:

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #7  
“Back to the Beginning” American Public School Textbooks 

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