Snopes, Which Will Be Fact-Checking For Facebook, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively


The Obama Psyche, the Muslim Brotherhood and Adolf Hitler....

The Obama Psyche, the Muslim Brotherhood and Adolf Hitler: A Marriage in History Seventy Years into the Future

Hitler and Obama

Recent CNN Article Continues With Its War on Police, Using Flawed Documentation and Statistics

CNN again attempts to misrepresent officer-involved shooting data.

CNN again attempts to misrepresent officer-involved shooting data.

Recent CNN Article Continues With Its War on Police, Using Flawed Documentation and Statistics
CNN Misrepresents Statistics On Officer-Involved Shootings

The War on Cops: Why the Resurgence?


According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, as of December of this year, 64 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed. This is the highest number of law enforcement officers killed by a firearm in almost five years.

This staggering statistic signifies a 72% increase in police officers killed exclusively by a firearm since 2015.

So why is our nation’s rash of police officer homicides by firearm happening now?

LEADERSHIP:Has Been Missing The Last 8 Years...Goodby Obama...Hello Trump...

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Trump channels Kennedy, Reagan on nukes

Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#8 The Law against Class Room Therapy 1978

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Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies, plans to reshape judiciary

Now this is GREAT News...

President-elect Donald Trump listens during a meeting at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Fla., on Dec. 21.

While Blaming Trump For “Arms Race”, Obama Signs Momentous “Star Wars II” Defense Bill

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Obama Signs Star Wars II Defense Bill: Shameful Hypocrisy In Blaming Trump for “Arms Race”

On the Front Lines with an Israeli Soldier in Hebron:

US Should Not Only Defund UN But Withdraw From It....

The United States pays 22% of the total UN budget. What we get for our $3 billion a year is a corrupt organization whose dysfunctional and hostile agencies are united in opposing us around the world. The United Nations does only two things consistently and effectively: waste money and bash Israel. Sometimes it manages to do both at the same time.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Pro-Life Summit to Feature the Film 3801 Lancaster Avenue - American Tragedy

The semi-annual pro-life summit will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2016 in center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Archdiocese Pastoral Center.

This winter pro-life summit will begin with Mass at 12:00 noon in the Chapel of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 8th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway with the summit immediately following at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center located at 222 N. 17th Street.  (map)

J.D. Mullane, a journalist for the Bucks County Courier Times, who covered the Kermit Gosnell Trial, will be a featured speaker as well as David Altrogge, the writer and director of this film. 

The movie features exclusive interviews with Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  It exposes one of the most controversial cases of the decade and the cover-up by state and local oversight agencies.

Obama the Liar....AND BACKSTABBER....

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Obama lied to Israel all the time - "We have Israel's back". Please share and show the world his betrayal of Israel

The Video OBAMA Didn’t Want To Get Out…Tells it All about Him...

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A shocking video depicting the antagonism of the Obama and his administration towards Israel. It makes you wonder what could be provoking the president of a democratic superpower to behave in such an incomprehensible way towards the one sane and tolerant democracy in the middle-east. Not to be believed.

Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#7 Education for Therapy

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The FINAL insult... SAD SACK OBAMA...Obama comic strip

Greetings everyone, and first of all, thank y’all so very much for your thoughts and prayers for my wife Angela’s dad. We pray that within his mind and soul, he will ask the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrated yesterday, to come into his heart. We were just overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and well wishes. Sadly his condition continues to deteriorate as he can no longer regulate his body temperature. Again, thanks for your prayers!

As you’re reading this, we’re driving back to Dallas from San Antonio, and I pray y’all had a very blessed and Merry Christmas. And just in case you forgot, our hope is not in man, but in the one who came down from Heaven taking up the form of Man in order to take upon Himself our sins. And as long as He lives, we always have hope, and Jesus Christ lives and reigns forevermore.Now, some of you may be reading this as you’re part of that great American after Christmas tradition — returning gifts. I remember as a kid working at the Sears and Roebucks on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta that we were seemingly busier the day after Christmas. Some of you may be out scooping up those after Christmas sales. Have fun. As for me, it’s time to enjoy the final games of the college football bowl season.

But, during these past few days that comprised my father-in-law’s birthday, our 27th anniversary as well as Christmas, there were many issues about which I pondered.

The Obama’s Have Only Spent $85 MILLION On Vacations In 8 Years

 “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.”

“The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel, I dont see that the taxpayer should have to foot the bill for the Obamas Vacations,it doesn't come under Presidential business. Congress should make them pay it back . 


Markay On President Obama And Democratic Party Not Understanding Criticism....

Washington Free Beacon reporter Lachlan Markay appeared Thursday on Fox Business to discuss President Obama criticizing Fox News and conservative media for “vilifying” him throughout his tenure in the White House.

Obama told The Atlantic magazine in multiple recent interviews that “Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the whole conservative-media ecosystem” attacked him once he entered office, negatively affecting how white voters in the country view him.

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto asked Markay for his thoughts on Obama’s comments.

Benjamin Netanyahu on Cockroach Obama....

 Ignore Empty Charade
Obama Snake Behind UN Resolution

The American people and Benjamin Netanyahu share two things as a result of having been forced to endure the past eight years of Hussein Obama. The knowledge that he is an anti-American jihadist and the realization that he is a subversive coward who runs from the truth like a common cockroach from a sudden burst of light.

First Amendment Censorship - Soros Says What Speech Is Allowed Now

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Democrats Side with Trump and Slam Obama’s Rebuke of Israel....

Several Senate Democrats broke with President Obama and sided with President-Elect Donald Trump in a bipartisan rebuke of the administration’s decision to allow a controversial United Nations Security Council resolution dictating an end to Israeli settlements to pass Friday.


Ban Ki-moon says UN has 'disproportionate' focus on Israel

'Decades of political maneuvering have created a disproportionate number of resolutions, reports and committees against Israel,' says Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon said the UN's 'disproportionate' volume of resolutions against Israel has 'foiled the ability of the UN to fulfill its role effectively' 


Speaker Paul Ryan called the vote “absolutely shameful” :Again He out Step with it...

We Need To Replace This Guy ,What Dork He Is !
More Blowback After Stunning U.N. Resolution Vote

More Blowback After Stunning U.N. Resolution Vote


 United States abstained rather than using its veto as it has reliably done in the past.




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CIA Lies about Russian Hacking, FBI refutes CIA Claim!

The Democrats are Pissed

Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#6 Highlights from 1300 Pages of Testimonies

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Wikileaks: ‘If Trump Doesn’t Take Clinton Down, We Will’–Crushing Blow Revealed

I dont see where President Elect Trump Has A choice ,but to Have His new Attorney General proceed with an indictment against Clinton . The Law is the Law and its for everyone ,even people like the Clintons . I know one thing...If He does ... I will vote for him again for a second term. If he doesn't than he's not who we thought he was.     



 Louise Massa

Terrorists use political correctness to 'spread their jihadi message!

Michelle Obama's Social Security Number Belongs to Guadalupe Megndenez

Barry has no Birth Cert or SS Number, Michelle has no Birth Cert or SS Number, Malia Ann Obama has no Birth Cert or SS Number, and Sasha Obama has no Birth Cert or SS Number. Is that the way it works in your family I ask?