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Sarah Palin and Mark Levin have recently been talking about leaving the GOP behind because they have lost their conservative principles.  Would you support the GOP or Palin and Levin?

Protests in Bulgaria Mirror Those in Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Spain and Brazil

There are a whole helluva lot of unhappy people on this planet, but I think they’re feeling the love—between kindred souls.

The citizens of Bulgaria are unhappy with their government and threw tomatoes and eggs at lawmakers, but the following story reveals a more serious side.

Protests Sweep Bulgaria As Government Collapses Amid Chaos

Big push for the Liberty Brigade.

 Dear Patriot,

Tomorrow is the big push for the Liberty Brigade.
President Obama is not letting his second term go to waste. He and his allies in Congress are firing on all cylinders for their radical agenda. We have to stop them.
This fight will not be won overnight. We need conservatives like you to make a long term commitment to winning by joining the Liberty Brigade. 

Family picnic turns to horror thanks to black mob

Woman pistol whipped while trying to defend son

Urgent Mission for Wounded Heroes

From General Richard B. Myers, USAF (Ret.)
Chairman of the Board, USO

I need your help in a critical mission: equipping and supplying our USO Warrior and Family Center at Walter Reed Military Medical Center that's currently under construction.

The brave troops who will use this wonderful, new center sacrificed so much for our country. We need to make sure they have everything they need to live comfortably during their recovery.

We only have until Ju‌ly 4‌th to raise the funds needed to bring this 16,217-square-foot center to life. I know we can get there but we need you to step up and lead today.

Give back to our wounded troops who've given so much to serve our nation. Make your "Always By Their Side" donation today.

Thousands of our young men and women are returning from war wounded, ill or injured, and you and the USO are there to comfort them from the moment they're rushed to a field hospital and through every step of recovery as they prepare for the future.

For our wounded, their families and caregivers, our new center will be a place of healing and recuperation. It will offer every comfort they need, from comforting rest areas and recreation rooms to education centers designed specifically to be springboards to get our troops back to a full and rewarding life, which will help them face the challenges of recovery.

But as you can imagine, it takes a lot to get a state-of-the-art facility of this magnitude up and running. That's why your participation in our "Always By Their Side" campaign is absolutely vital.

Click here to make your "Always By Their Side" donation right now.

Our wounded troops have laid it all on the line for our country. With Ju‌ly 4th fast approaching, I'm hoping you will show your respect for their sacrifices by making a matching gift to this very special effort.

Use this link to make your "Always By Their Side" donation 

 Millions of times each year at hundreds of locations around the world, the USO lifts the spirits of America’s troops and their families.  A nonprofit, congressionally chartered, private organization, the USO relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations to support its activities. 

The USO is not part of the U.S. government, but is recognized by the Department of Defense, Congress and President of the United States, who serves as Honorary Chairman of the USO.


I think we should start a TEA PARTY "third rail" RINO TEST, that any US Representative who "touches " AMNESTY with a "YES VOTE" gets politically electrocuted by all conservatives, and branded as a "RINO FOR LIFE!"

The Attempted Extortion of Paula Deen

The real story behind the Paula Deen scandal can be summed up in a single word: greed. The American judicial system and the media are being used as formidable weapons in a brazen attempt to extort money from Ms. Deen, in my opinion.

Next up in America, polygamy?

'As consenting adults, we should be able to raise a family however we choose'

The movement to legalize multi-partner marriage got a huge boost with this week’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that the federal government must give benefits to same-sex married partners, according to advocates of polygamy.

Gettysburg: Teaching the American Fighting Tradition

In recognizing the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Americans would do well to remember Abraham Lincoln’s words in the Gettysburg Address to honor the sacrifice of the men who fought there.

Time is running out

Time is running out as World War III looms on the horizon

As detailed by well known Erwin W. Lutzer in his book “When a Nation Forgets God,” an unidentified Christian pastor shared a story with him of someone living in Germany during the Nazi takeover. The person sharing the story was a churchgoing Christian and a member of a small church located adjacent to railroad tracks.

It Can Happen Here !

You Say ...It Can Happen Here ! Well My Friends it just might,look what has happened in the last 5 years.
and tell yourself No Way..... 

Our Perilous Trust In Government

I possess an enameled tray that holds five flash drives containing two sets of the texts of my columns, the texts and artwork of my books, and photos and other images. One set is my primary source, the other is a backup. I don’t trust my computer or the power not to fail at some critical juncture in the future. For the same reason, I periodically backup my computer on an external drive to preserve its operating systems and other software as a failsafe against my computer being zapped by a lightning strike, overwhelmed by a power surge, or invaded by a hacker (government or freelance) to introduce a killer virus.

Extreme Temperatures Wreak Havoc with Internet Service

My Internet has been down off and on for over 24 hours now due to extreme heat in the Valley of the Sun.
I don't understand why Qwest/Centurylink can’t give us an infrastructure that can withstand high temperatures and moisture. This happens a lot in the desert away from the city. When it’s monsoon season they say moisture gets into the copper wiring and shorts things out.

“Progressive” Sideshow Trivializes Victims for Political Theater

In a letter sent to congressional investigators yesterday the Treasury Inspector General that exposed the targeting of Tea Party groups confirmed that conservative Tea Party groups, not “progressive” groups, were intentionally targeted by the IRS.
IG George wrote:
From our audit work, [TIGTA] did not find evidence that the criteria … labeled “Progressives,” were used by the IRS to select potential political cases during the 2010 to 2012 timeframe we audited.  The “Progressives” criteria appeared on a section of the “Be On the Look Out” (BOLO) spreadsheet labeled “Historical,” and unlike other BOLO entries, did not include instruction on how to refer cases that met the criteria.  While we have multiple sources of information corroborating the use of Tea Party and other related criteria we described in our report, including employee interviews, e-mails and other documents, we found no indication in any of these other materials that “progressives” was a term used to refer cases for scrutiny for political campaign intervention.

article continues here

A Victory for Constitutional Common Sense

Yesterday a federal court in Montana ruled that the “Big Mountain Jesus” statue can stay on the slopes.  The statue, erected after World War II as a tribute to soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division who fought in Europe and were comforted by similar statues in the Alps, was maintained on federal land under a special use permit granted the Knights of Columbus.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) challenged the permit’s renewal, claiming that a historically significant statue of Jesus maintained by a private organization on federal land violated the Establishment Clause because it offended three of their members.

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Kevin Jackson - Co-Founder of the Tea Party Speaks Out!

For those of you who may be unaware, my name is Kevin Jackson and I'm one of the co-founders of the Tea Party Community (TPC), a community that grew faster than Facebook during the same period. When my business partner and I discussed creating this community, we wanted to DRIVE LIBERALS CRAZY!

How? By creating a site that would bring MILLIONS of Conservatives together, but more than just gather numbers; we wanted to "Activate the Activists."

Similarly, my personal site, The Black Sphere, wants to educate with satire and humor to end Identity Politics!

You are more than your race, gender, or ethnicity. These characteristics are very small aspects of who you are. Yet politicians love to put you in a box to try and manipulate us.

Republicans hate women, whites hate blacks, Jews rule the world, and so on. All this obscures the truth, and stops people from simply observing their world. You live amongst people you are taught to despise for one reason or another, and yet there are very few incidents of racism, sexism, homophobia, and so on. To hear politicians explain it, we should live in constant fear of meeting somebody from another “box.”

We are fortunate to live in America so we should be confident in letting people know…our identity is AMERICAN! So I ask, will you come join me at The Black Sphere? I promise you will get the best information available today from our site. Sign up now for our free e-newsletter!

Where Will You Be When The Lights Go Out?

It looks like it’s going to happen. As sure as the sun rises, it seems destined to happen. History has warned us over and over again, but we still race forward into the darkness that awaits us. It’s as if we are all living in the bowels of a gigantic ship, wrapped up in our own daily survival and too busy to climb to the deck and see where the vessel is plowing us toward. We’d rather let the loudest and seemingly more ambitious of us move onto the deck full of promises of ‘setting a new course’ or ‘doing what is best for you’. Once these boisterous and responsibly acting agents of our well being get a taste of life above the masses, and once they get properly plugged into the machinations of the ship, they immediately forget about the rest of us and become instant stewards of the course that has been set. Where is this ship heading? Why, to the inky void of our own destruction.
From time to time a citizen of the hold crawls their way to the deck and is able to understand the impending gloom and our doom in our near future, and they come back to try and wake the others up to the grim reality. If he or she is sufficiently alarmed and outraged, a group of likeminded inhabitants will raise enough of a ruckus that our cries of injustice will grow loud enough to reach some of the smaller machine parts and cause them to tremble, and when machine parts start trembling, it’s only a matter of time before they break down.  What does the cadre of the craft do? Why, they toss goodies into the hold such as food stamps, practically perpetual unemployment payments, welfare, free phones and low interest home loans, all mixed in with a stupendous sense of entitlement.  The machine silently encourages the media industry to provide a plethora of distractions and misinformation. The machine drenches the masses with immorality and illegality by turning a corrupt blind eye to it, even defending it. We hear phrases echoed from above such as ‘redistribution of wealth,’ ‘you didn’t build that yourself’ and ‘trust us to do the right thing.’ These mantras are spoken with such conviction and vigor that many are fooled into believing the lies.
We are told that it is perfectly alright and downright patriotic to allow a constant horde of strangers begin climbing from portholes into the hold, taking jobs that the machine assures us we don’t want to do anyway. We get in trouble when we raise concerns about a group of people who admittedly want to kill us all in the name of their God. We are ostracized when we oppose the dismantling of traditional marriage. We are chained when we oppose the murder of millions of lives through unnecessary abortions. We are reviled when we put our light upon a hill, even though that light is the only thing that will save the ship from plunging into political and spiritual obscurity.
This ship – the United States of America – is being piloted by the Prince of Darkness. Our moral compass has been crushed underfoot, and we are barreling toward a gate both wide and broad. If we are to survive we must have a mutiny, my fellow shipmates. We are quickly running out of time, though. I’m afraid it may be too late, but I pray it isn’t. Find your voice, find your light, find your courage and find your faith. This may be our last chance.                                                        


If you believe everything is okay in America, maybe it’s time you removed your rose-colored glasses. It’s time to see things as they really are! America is about to be swallowed up by a gigantic sinkhole!

The sounds that you are hearing is the death rattle of the United States as a Free Country

I have zero full faith and credit in the hard core radical, "Obama The Usurper," or in his appointees in the Executive Branch, which have included like endless rows of shark's teeth, include at least one self-professed Communist, acknowledged Israel haters, many members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and enemies of free enterprise.

Issa Looks to Call Lerner Back to Capitol Hill

Commitee chairman Darrell Issa suggested he is poised to call Lois Lerner back to Capitol Hill in the wake of a House Oversight Commitee vote on Friday that found she waived her Fifth Amendment right not to testify about the IRS’s targeting of tea-party groups. “The Committee remains focused on hearing Ms. Lerner’s full and truthful testimony,” the Republican congressman said in a statement.

Lerner, the former head of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations division, professed innocence before the committee in May before pleading the Fifth, setting off a debate about whether she had waived her rights.

Issa said at the commencement of Friday’s proceedings that he believed Lerner had done so. But it was South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy who went after the former IRS administrator the most aggressively. “That’s not how the Fifth Amendment works,” Gowdy said. “You’re not allowed to just say your side of the story. . . . She could have sat there and said nothing.”

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Should We Forgive Paula Deen?

Bruce Lee said: “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”
There is no one person, living or dead, who can or could claim they never made a mistake. The mistakes I've made are more numerous than the hairs on my head, and I’d wager that most people would admit to the same. So, the question that comes to my mind when a public figure makes a mistake is: Why are we treating them differently than anyone else? The answer is invariably: because they’re famous. Which simply begs the question: Why does fame magnify mistakes?

Obama Administration Scandals and the Danger of Cynicism

by Bruce Frohnen

Some conservatives, and our libertarian friends in particular, have been rather enjoying hearing about recent Obama Administration scandals. I would not begrudge anyone a certain amount of perverse pleasure in the discomforts of an administration that has been seeking to undermine our culture, way of life, and economic freedom since day one. But I honestly do not think these scandals are good news for our nation, let alone that they should lead us to believe that we will see any political, economic, or cultural improvements in their aftermath. Here I am thinking in particular of Greg Gutfeld’s enjoyable post. Gutfeld argues that “The IRS scandal, if perceived correctly, spells the end of big government.” How so?  Because, according to Gutfeld, it exposes the IRS as an ideologically biased, arrogant bully. By extension, apparently, big government has been shown to depend on thuggish minions and to be serving its own ends, rather than those of the people. For Gutfeld, the true victory in the IRS scandal is that big government is exposed as the untrustworthy, selfish beast that it is.

Would that it were so. It would seem logical that people would cease to look for favors from someone (or something) that keeps constant tabs on them, abuses its power for its own reasons—and, of course, wastes huge amounts of money on needless, even harmful projects. But nothing in our experience, or that of any other nation, should lead us to believe that this will actually happen. The mainstream press’ response to the most recent scandal, regarding “data mining” of our phone records, is more common and to be expected, namely, “so what?” A few civil libertarians are upset at the Obama Administration’s secret collection of data on Americans, but most have assumed all along that governments snoop on their people, and the press is all-too-willing to give a snooper of its own ideological predilections a pass on “information gathering.”

What these scandals are producing, what these kinds of scandals have been producing for many decades, is cynicism. And cynicism does not breed righteous indignation, demands for justice, or even a prudent aversion to petitioning the government for favors. Rather, cynicism breeds self-interested, unprincipled gamesmanship.

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Bruce Frohnen is Professor of Law at the Ohio Northern University College of Law. He is also a senior fellow at the Russell Kirk Center and author of many books including The New Communitarians and the Crisis of Modern Liberalism, and the editor of Rethinking Rights (with Ken Grasso), and The American Republic: Primary Source.

A jihadist in the White House

From Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel 

Obama Administration support for the Muslim Brotherhood is out of control.

Yesterday we learned that Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah met with key members of President Obama's national security team, in the White House.

The problem? Abdullah Bin Bayyah is a jihadist, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2004, his organization, the International Union of Muslim Scholars, issued a fatwa – a Muslim religious directive – declaring that it was the duty of Muslims to kill American soldiers in Iraq.

His organization supports suicide bombing of Israeli civilians, and its president has praised the Holocaust.
And now he's come to the White House to ask the Obama Administration to arm jihadists in Syria.

Enough is enough. We need at least 200,000 Americans to speak with one voice. No support for jihad. No support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

use this link to sign the petition to sequester the Muslim Brotherhood

The MRC’s 2013 Annual Gala and DisHonors Awards

You’re invited to attend an event that Ann Coulter famously called “the one fun dinner in Washington all year”: the Media Research Center’s 2013 Annual Gala and Dis-Honors Awards.

The 2013 Gala will be held on Thursday, September 26 at the JW Marriott in downtown Washington DC.

Seating is limited, so if you’re coming from out of town,  use this link for special room rates currently available at the JW Marriott 

Each year, nearly 1,000 conservatives gather to skewer the most preposterous, excruciatingly stupid, and downright hysterical instances of liberal media bias.

The Gala parodies the Oscars with Presenters and Acceptors. But we’re adding a new twist this year. After we show video clips of unhinged members of the leftist press embarrassing themselves, the audience will vote for the most outrageous display of bias and/or stupidity in each category. That’s right, the audience will pick the winners this year!

The Nation’s most prominent conservatives attend our Gala every year. Past attendees have included Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, and scores of others.

Our three Presenters this year are Monica Crowley, Steve Hayes, and Chris Plante. There will also be a few surprises, including the announcement of the winner of the William F. Buckley, Jr. Award for Media Excellence.   

In addition, we are offering an opportunity to sponsor this year’s Gala. click here for more info

As we’ve been telling you all year, the leftist media are running an unprecedented censorship campaign designed to keep Americans in the dark about the Obama Administration’s radical agenda. As the MRC exposes the media’s leftist agenda, we are uncovering plenty of material for use at the Gala.

Some of the videos you will see will shock you!

Thank you for your continued support of the MRC and we hope to see you on Thursday, September 26 at the MRC’s 2013 Annual Gala!  

For more information, contact:

Jamie Sullivan at or 571-267-3453

Stop Complaining and Start Doing

One of the best lines of advice I've ever gotten came from my aunt Rose in the third grade: "Stop complaining about what you don't like, and do what you can to change it." I took her advice that afternoon, had a much better school year because of it, and promised myself I'd never forget her words of wisdom.

Thinking Outside the Education Box

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post Sarah Palin had written while reflecting upon her daughter Willow's graduation from an academy that specializes in hair and skin. In it, she said the following: