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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 5,:“Defining our Social Decline”, Bite #23 Pearls Poems

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #5

 “Defining our Social Decline”


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Daily Bites of Global Strong Citizens Cold War: Series 5 Defining our Social Decline”  Published as a Public Service by Citizens Commission for Human Rights:
Daily Bites of Citizens Commission of Human Rights International

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Bite #23 Pearls Poems:
“The Shepherd, the Sheep, and the Wolves”----”Nobody Here but US Chickens”
by Pearl Sturgis 

The Shepherd, the Sheep, and the Wolves: 

The Shepherd, the Sheep, and the Wolves
The wolves, they wear professor's caps, all dress in fluffy wool. The sheep can't tell the half of that. So easily they're fooled.

The sheep just know the Shepherd who cares for them each day. But often they forget that and then they drift astray.
They wander near the wolf pack and tremble there in fear. Then wish the Lowly Shepherd would suddenly appear.
That's when the sheep remember the Shepherd's trumpet cry! "You must all stick together! You must all stay close by!"
The wolves may fool the sheep now....but one thing I must say: "The wolves will never see how the Shepherd came their way!"

Nobody Here but US Chickens:

The wolves put on the doctors caps and sharpened up their claws Today we have the proven facts of their promoting cause The object is the “hen house” ...”the chickens and the eggs”  So first on their agenda is the rooster’s wings and legs.

And when they have no legs to stand...and have no wings to fly the wolves compute their brilliant plan and promulgate their lie. They spread their propaganda news throughout the neighborhoods...till all the “clean white chickens” choose to call it “Brotherhood.”

The mother hens then leave their nest to do God’s very will. The “clean white chickens” all confess it’s “prophecy fulfilled.” The wolves control the switches to borrow, steal, or beg.  Their helpful little witches destroy all the eggs! They gather up the fragments with the mutilated parts...while all the “clean white chickens” pray God to bless their hearts.

And just before the full devour...the Big, Bad Wolf decides to grant them legislative power...and feed them full with pride. They legislate this firm decree to wring all critics necks. The Big Fat Hen says that would be “politically correct!” ----- But once a lowly Shepherd Boy knew God was on His Throne.

He killed a mighty giant with a tiny little stone. And that same God still reigns today for body, heart and soul. The big bad wolves just run away when God is in control! They fear a child who trusts the One whose years shall never fail. And to this day that’s why these wolves still try to hide their trail. 

 (to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
Global Strong Cities Cold War series 5
Defining our Social Decline” :

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To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #5   “Defining our Social Decline” 

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