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Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War:#6,The Final Authority

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Global Strong Cities Cold War:


Personal testimony of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Assistant Robert Vernon. This is a testimony of how admitting his faith ended his 38 year career in LAPD. Christian Crusade news vol. 41, April 1993

 Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War.

#6 The Final Authority:
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Former LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Vernon

The Final Authority:

Continuing with the interview that was never published by this reporter from LA Times: “Okay Chief, what I meant to ask you was do you talk about your religion at work? Do you talk about the gospel when you perceive people have a need for it? “The city pays me to be a police officer and not a preacher. When I am on duty I try to be the best police officer I can possibly be. 

I think that is demonstrating my faith. I assure you that I have been asked to perform chaplain functions. For example, I have conducted funerals upon direction of the Chief and I have affiliated a few weddings of the officers who are not affiliated with a church.” Once again I could see the reporter was disappointed. “Does God ever speak to you?” he tried again. 

“Yes He does” I answered. This time he was sure he would get a response to suit his mission. “OH, He does?” he asked. “When and how often does this happen?” ...”Practically everyday” I told him. “Well, I mean when and how does this happen? Could you please explain?” Of course, I told him. “I believe God speaks to me when I get my orders from Chief Daryl Gates. I believe I experience the leading of the Lord when the Police Commission declares policy or the City Council enacts an ordinance. 

My belief of God leading my life is not really dramatic or mystical. I accept the biblical admonishing to submit to authority. I believe God will lead me through a chain of command. In other words, God uses human instruments to give me guidance and if the authority over me calls for me to violate a specific command from God I would be compelled to follow God’s direction rather than man.” ... “What do you mean by God’s specific command?” asked the reporter. “For example, if Chief Gates were to ask me to lie about an investigation I would have to refuse. 

Though he has never asked me to violate even one of the specific principles of the Ten Commandments. I have never had God appear to me when I am shaving or has He ever given me specific orders for the day, if that is what you are asking. I’m not saying God is incapable of doing that because He can do whatever He wants to do but that has never happened to me. It’s my belief that God uses very conventional ways to speak to us.

Our bosses, circumstances, abilities and interests. What I believe is His inspired Word, the Bible” Disappointment was written all over the reporter’s face. He was hoping to hear some frantic revelation. My answers were just too ordinary. they didn’t fit the mold of a fanatic. The interview ended abruptly and never appeared in print. Not by that reporter. 

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(to be continued)

#7 A Definite Witch Hunt:
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War.

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