Sunday, December 4, 2016

Zuckerberg Has Lost Almost $4 billion Since Election of Trump

Now This is a Happy Article!!!!
Couldn't happen to A better Liberal  


Since the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth has fallen by $3.7 billion.Since November 8th, the date of the election, Zuckerberg’s worth has declined by as much as $3.7 billion, this figure is based on Facebook’s 7% decline in share price from November 8th until Friday the 2nd of December. This £3.7 billion loss hasn’t affected Zuckerberg’s financial standing massively, he is still currently ranked as the fifth richest person in the world according to Forbes real time rankings and still possesses approximately $49 billion. 

Zukerberg has recently come under fire for promoting a narrative that claimed that “fake news” affected the presidential election. Both Google and Facebook took steps on November 14th to ban “fake news” content publishers from generating a cut of advertising revenues through Google AdSense and Facebook Audience Network, a move that “disproportionately impacted right-wing news sites.” Whether or not Zuckerburg’s financial loss is tied to this is unknown. 

You would think that Zuckerberg losing almost ten percent of his net worth of $50 billion dollars, that Zuckerberg would wake the hell up and leave the Democratic establishment...And get back to things like free speech on Facebook, and quit falling for the narratives of the left. Sorry but I know if anyone like you were worth $50 billion dollars and lost almost ten percent of that net worth in less than a month, don't you think you would leave the plantation and agendas that caused you to lose that much in less than a month?

Could we perhaps see Zuckerberg change his tune in the censorship of free speech on Facebook, since now being on the Democratic plantation is now causing a loss of billions out of his own pockets.

Now the thing is Zuckerberg has likely sold out his soul to Devil Democrats, and is likely owned and not a free man himself...But due to his loss of billions of dollars since the election of Trump and since he started pushing to regulate conservative media on Facebook, could we perhaps very soon see Mark Zuckerberg having a change of heart in the coming days?


Does a Leopard change his spots .... ???

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Zuckerberg  has lost almost 4 billion since trump election
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