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Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War:#7,A Definite Witch Hunt

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Global Strong Cities Cold War:


Personal testimony of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Assistant Robert Vernon. This is a testimony of how admitting his faith ended his 38 year career in LAPD. Christian Crusade news vol. 41, April 1993

 Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War.

#7 A Definite Witch Hunt:

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Former LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Vernon

A Definite Witch Hunt:

Not all reporters were eager to incriminate me. The June 15,1991 edition of Los Angeles Times carried a story that summed up my thoughts. The Headlines read: 

“Vernon says his police ambitions are fading.” The article quoted me correctly in saying, “My reputation is going down the tube. My reputation, as far as my career, is finished without Divine intervention.” The story rehearsed the events of the preceding weeks and the initiation of the investigation. The story also included an encouraging statement from a retired LAPD Commander Lorne Kramer who went on to become Police Chief in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He said.

“There was never any confusion as to whether Bob Vernon was a born again christian. It is just a part of who he is and what he is about. Many times his personal beliefs would intertwine with his professional beliefs but I don’t recall any time when his judgement was clouded because of his beliefs.” 

Tom Rutter wrote an editorial in LA Times on June 11,1991 that was surprisingly supportive. In it he agreed with Chief Daryl Gates public statement that this investigation was a witch hunt. Rutter wrote: “Gates is right and so are those who say that Vernon’s views are being quoted selectively and out of context. None of the council members whom I have spoken with have even heard the tapes in question. yet they call for an investigation. 

In point of fact, this disturbing affair involves confrontation between two serious groups of people acting on behalf of indispensable rights. On the one hand there are those who insist that the Police Department must not discriminate against anyone. On the other hand there are those who just as correctly insist that no government or agency may hold a man or woman accountable for their religious beliefs. 

Robert Vernon is getting a raw deal. This inquiry did not begin because of something Vernon did but because of something Vernon said. On that basis and on the word of anonymous accusers who can not be seen nor confronted, and offer no specific evidence, the Chief of Police Daryl Gates has been asked to investigate whether his Assistant Chief holds private convictions that influence his professional duties! 

This is a fishing expedition! This is a strategic move against religious liberty that could set a precedent. If this were allowed to go unchallenged it would be repeated in city after city. Christians would ultimately be forced out of public life unless this violation of basic rights is stopped dead in its tracks!” 

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(to be continued)

#8 Betrayed by a Friend: 

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War.

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