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Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#8 The Law against Class Room Therapy 1978

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #2

Child abuse in the classroom:


Daily Bites of Child Abuse in the Classroom by Phyllis Schlafly :

Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly:
# 8  page 15 The Law against Class Room Therapy 1978:

By 1978 the protest against therapy in the classrooms had reached the point that Congress amended the General Education Provision Act by a section which was officially labeled as “The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment” and became informally known as the Hatch Amendment. 

The statute provided that no student shall be required (under any federal program) without prior written parental consent---to submit to psychiatric or psychological examination, testing or treatment in which the primary purpose is to reveal information about

1) political affiliations (as already listed as what went into effect in 1984 six years later)

2) Mental and psychological problems particularly embarrassing to the student or his family.

3) Sexual behavior and attitudes. 

4) Illegal, antisocial, self incriminating behavior.

5) Critical appraisal of members of a child’s family.

6) Legally privileged relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers. 

7) Income (except to determine financial assistance). 

This amendment was not controversial in either House or Congress. Probably no senator or congressmen thought that anybody could object to providing school children with the mantle of protection against such classroom abuse of their personal rights or family privacy. But after the Pupil’s Rights Amendment was passed the Department of Education refused to issue regulations which provided for enforcement, or an opportunity, a procedure, or a place for citizens to file complaints or any remedy for those violations. Some congressmen charged that a federal bureaucrat did not issue regulations because they did not like the statute and refused to enforce it.

Consequently, all citizens who were brave enough to file complaints when schools violated the Pupil’s Rights Amendment were given the royal run around. Their attempts were futile and frustrating. Local schools denied that the law was relevant. 

They evaded, stalled and stonewalled; harassed the parents who complained,; retaliated against their children and arrogantly continued psychological therapy in defiance of their parents. Despite mounting evidence of widespread violations, no regulations were issued for five and a half years after the Pupil Rights Amendment had been passed in 1978! Finally, in response to a crescendo of complaints from concerned citizens, including an organized effort by the National Pro family Organization, Eagle Forum, the Department of Education published proposed regulations in the federal register on February 22,1984 and announced that it would hold seven days of hearings to receive public comments.

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(To be continued )
 Examples of Mental Abuse: 
My next series is against Common Core. Phyllis Schlafly's "Child Abuse in the Classroom!
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War,series #2

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