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The FINAL insult... SAD SACK OBAMA...Obama comic strip

Greetings everyone, and first of all, thank y’all so very much for your thoughts and prayers for my wife Angela’s dad. We pray that within his mind and soul, he will ask the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrated yesterday, to come into his heart. We were just overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and well wishes. Sadly his condition continues to deteriorate as he can no longer regulate his body temperature. Again, thanks for your prayers!

As you’re reading this, we’re driving back to Dallas from San Antonio, and I pray y’all had a very blessed and Merry Christmas. And just in case you forgot, our hope is not in man, but in the one who came down from Heaven taking up the form of Man in order to take upon Himself our sins. And as long as He lives, we always have hope, and Jesus Christ lives and reigns forevermore.Now, some of you may be reading this as you’re part of that great American after Christmas tradition — returning gifts. I remember as a kid working at the Sears and Roebucks on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta that we were seemingly busier the day after Christmas. Some of you may be out scooping up those after Christmas sales. Have fun. As for me, it’s time to enjoy the final games of the college football bowl season.

But, during these past few days that comprised my father-in-law’s birthday, our 27th anniversary as well as Christmas, there were many issues about which I pondered.

The FINAL insult…
By Allen West

The bottom line I surmised from it all? Outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama is an angry man who is now on a scorched earth campaign. There are several anecdotal instances that lend to that assertion and conclusion.

First of all, Obama did sign the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). He did so reluctantly and the White House did offer a statement of disagreement.

The NDAA did block Obama from unilaterally shutting down GITMO — albeit he’s taken every action to transfer out detainees from the facility. I think we can all agree at this point that GITMO has nothing to do with Islamic jihadist incitement and recruitment.

There’s no connection between an Islamic jihadist running over folks with a truck at a Christmas bazaar in Germany and GITMO. This has all been a false assumption, politically motivated, and yet it only served as a means by which we conveyed weakness to the enemy. Also, the Fiscal Year 2017 NDAA began the reversal of Obama’s decimation of our military. I found it interesting that Obama would accuse the NDAA for not doing enough to reign in Pentagon spending. This authorization document is vital for the restoration of our military under Donald Trump’s administration.

The second indication that Obama wants to scorch our nation before departing was the offshore oil drilling ban and more regulations against the coal industry. Now of course, these are executive actions taken so they can be reversed, but Obama’s flying monkeys are doing everything they can, burning the midnight oil, searching for legal means by which it can tie up the Trump administration.

What manner of person is this who vacations off in Hawaii and still directs his minions and acolytes to impart as much damage as possible? When the Trump administration states they’re going to reboot our oil, natural gas, and coal industries in order to restore that sector and reclaim good American energy jobs lost, one would think the outgoing administration would assist — nah, not ol’ Barry Soetoro.

His angst is immense and he’s determined not to enable a smooth transition, but seek to salvage the far left progressive socialist agenda that was repudiated. It’s funny that the person who was so quick to tell us about how he won, and that elections have consequences, refuses to grasp the consequences of his own doing.

Next, part of the post 9-11 actions was to implement a registry of individuals coming into the United States for tracking. Remember the 9-11 conspirators were issued student visas, but did not attend schools, and this has been a recurring issue.

As a matter of fact, better tracking and due diligence would have precluded Tashfeen Malik from entering the United States on a fiancee visa. That mistake led to the deaths of 14 Americans, along with 21 other wounded at a Christmas party in San Bernardino. And now we have the leftists all up in arms over tracking and having a means to know who is entering our nation. Perhaps if they had something similar in Germany, there would be folks still alive, and not run down by a truck at a Christmas festival.

But, it’s obviously the goal of the left, and their favored son Obama, to have those open borders and just allow anyone wanton entry into America. After all, we know there are several far leftist mayors more willing to protect criminal illegal aliens than American citizens. So, here we have another lesson: don’t blame Donald Trump about a registry; it was something enacted after the biggest Islamic terror attack on our soil. And now we have Barack Obama too busy scorching our nation and placing our citizens at risk, all because he didn’t get his way.

Lastly, what a cowardly move by Obama, and his designated henchperson, Samantha Power, at the United Nations, to abstain from the vote on the anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council. This comes after the Trump transition team worked with Egypt to have the resolution withdrawn. That only stymied the efforts of Obama for a short while, as they found someone else, non-permanent members, to reintroduce the resolution…and then Obama sent word to abstain from the vote.

A single US no vote would have ended this resolution. And let’s have the honest conversation here. First of all, these are not “settlements,” they’re neighborhoods being built in the land of the rightful owners, the Jewish people of Israel. What an incredible double cross — but then again, what would you expect from the same Barack Obama who dispatched campaign operatives to Israel to undermine the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Funny, you don’t hear the left complaining about Obama’s interference into a foreign nation’s election. And once again, Obama lost, so not only does he have a scorched earth policy for America, but also Israel.

You know, I read that the left went apoplectic about the RNC Christmas message which talked about a “new king.” And this is coming from the folks who portrayed Obama as a messianic figure — some even referred to him as a savior. Well, that he ain’t. He’s a very mortal man, but such a lesser man, petulant, self-centered, and delusional. This is the guy who says he’ll be a “talent scout” for the Democrat Party? Like I said, when your opposition is digging a hole, just supply them with more shovels.

Barack Obama had no intention of assisting the transition of Donald J. Trump into the White House. It will be far worse that when the Clintons left and they took out every single “W” from keyboards on computers in the White House, you know, George W. Bush was the new president. The Clintons also stole the White House china sets — they were dead broke ya know. Those childish antics of the Clintons pale in comparison to what Obama will do in his final days before departing 1600 Pennsylvania. Obama will instill damage to our nation in order to thwart the efforts of the incoming presidential administration.

You hear little or nothing of this from the liberal media, his accomplices. They’re primed to act, challenge, and attack a President Trump at every turn as he seeks to dismantle the harm done. In the end, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s actions through the south may pale in comparison to what Obama seeks to do. And just so you know, folks down South Georgia still don’t like the name of Sherman.

We don’t need history to judge Barack Hussein Obama, that happened on November 8th. It will only get worse as he evidences his true colors — and they aren’t red, white, and blue.Source:


Obama comic strip: Opportunity to be Superman . . . or Sad Sack

By Ben Tanosborn

Recently, I find myself in a high state of discomfort when by chance or design I’m looking at the POTUS adorning the TV screen addressing issues which should be of concern to all of us here in the United States and, at times, people around the globe. As I focus on his image and listen to Barack Obama, I cannot help but feel pity and disgust as I see before me an inglorious effigy of Sad Sack.

My introduction to this comic strip fictional character took place long after World War II but it did so, coincidentally, while I was in the military. It was then that a fellow airman in my basic training flight, and a very talented caricaturist-cartoonist, embellished a few sections of my graduation book with caricature depictions of members in our training group. According to later found experts, the drawings remarkably resembled the work of George Baker, the creator of Sad Sack when a sergeant in the United States Army during World War II.

Thursday, as I dusted a few shelved printed mementos from the past, prior to boxing them for sentenced oblivion, I took what might well be a farewell look at my Air Force “book” and the 48 faces of comrades-in-training of Flight 131; their photos . . . and in many cases the character portrayals satirically caught by my talented friend. There were more than a few interesting characters as I scrutinized the decades-old pictures and, I must admit, one among them was the perfect Sad Sack. It was the caricature of the tallest airman in our flight, possessing both the lean physical looks and the expression of President Barack Obama . . . with a circumflex of “sad-sackness” accentuating his face. [Sad Sack, I had eventually learned, derived from military slang used during WWII: “sad sack of shit.”]

No matter the fabulist’s identity (Aesop, Phaedrus . . . ) who said it first over two millennia ago, we are currently witnessing its greatest validation in international politics, and that is: Opportunity has hair in front but is bald behind. The meaning perhaps best explained in Rabelais’s Gargantua I, “Opportunity hath all her hair on her forehead; when she is past, you may not recall her. She had no tuft whereby you can lay hold on her, for she is bald on the hinder part of her head, and never returned again.”

An opportunity was gifted to Barack Obama that either he failed to recognize or was cowed into dismissing it by the powers that rule Washington. In either case, peacemakers and historians will in time denounce the incredible blunder committed by this man . . . where poor decision-making and lack of leadership has taken him from attaining possible Superman stature, not just in America but around the world, to that reserved for the Sad Sack cartoon character: an inept person who causes feelings of pity, disgust, or both. And that opportunity, Mr. Obama will soon realize, has passed him by . . . and that in the world we live, there’s no time-travel . . . only different grades of regret.

And what was that opportunity, so fleeting and consequential? In my view, extending a hand of collaboration to the man from Saint Petersburg, Vladimir Putin, was the one and only requirement to start building a foundation for international peace. Solutions to the impasse in the Middle-East—Palestine-Israel, Iran and Syria—could have been reached with the unprejudiced support of a joint US-Russia effort; an effort that all parties could have viewed as reasonable and impartial.

However, that opportunity could have only been taken by someone with both vision and wisdom, a true leader able to navigate the deep and troubled seas of a well-entrenched fascism. And those are the seas that Obama had to navigate . . . amid the high waves of a CIA, a Pentagon and a foreign service, all highly influenced, if not already in the hands, of ideologue neocons . . . neo-Nazis with swastikas stamped with the stars and stripes.

Yes, Putin would have required détente in our encroachment of geo-political Russia, a reasonable request. But instead, Obama consented to send the empire’s armada of troublemakers to create chaos in the Ukraine . . . Foul-and-Loud-Mouth Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and credentialed neocon, made it clear to the world where the US stood. Instead of extending a hand, and help create a dignified legacy for his period in the presidency, Obama has reaffirmed to many of us his position as the quintessential Sad Sack.

Meantime here in the United States, throughout the corporate media, all we get is an incessant barrage of anti-Russia and anti-Putin obscene propaganda . . . laughable if not for being so venomous to both our nation and our psyche as peace-loving Americans.


This is an excellent article by Mr. Tanosborn, accurate and directly to the point but I have one quibble. What could anyone have expected from Obama by the time of election day 2008? Here was a candidate of allmost no achievement or experience with an obscure past whose mother was probably a CIA asset. His support and campaign funds came massively from those interests his campaign bombast implied he might reform and as soon as he announced his intended appointments it was clear that he was a shameless serial liar. The American “left” was apparently hypnotized by his partial negritude, thinking that alone would be a sign of progress. Well, that was achieved, and in exchange, we got an unprincipled authoritarian, a narcissistic fabulist and a corrupt Chicago pol as the figurehead of our visible government.

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