Friday, July 8, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...07/08/16:Days of Lot

Your Daily Bread for Life.

 Days of Lot: 

We're living in the days of Lot...where evil reigns and good does not. Where hate and ridicule is strong...for those who try to right the wrong.  

Where even brothers are condemned! We judge the ones who judge the sin. We say, "KEEP SILENCE IN THE GATE! LET EVIL FORCES DOMINATE!"  We're living in these trying times...forgiving high and treasonous crimes!

Though we live in the Days of Lot...where evil reigns and good does not...

Still, righteousness exalts the Land...and just men fall but rise again.!

I wrote this when Roe vs Wade abortion laws made it (so called) legal to commit murder of future citizens with first amendment life time rights! 

What a sad, sad day and it keeps getting sadder but God will intervene because He promised


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