Friday, July 8, 2016


where the ruling class now officially run the show.


by Chappy Gypsy Robert:

Well the world and the American People were shown this week that there are two sets of rules. One set for the Elite and another for the common people. General Petraeus was convicted for much less then what Hillary Rodham Clinton has done. 

The mere fact that Hillary had a private server has never been in question, therefore, that fact alone was and is enough to convict her of negligence. She lied about it to the American People and Congress, that fact alone should have resulted in a conviction. She had classified material on that server, That fact alone should have convicted her. 

I could keep going on with the charges that she should be facing but as She said, "What difference does it make!" I pointed out just three of the things that should have resulted in charges and our Department of Justice just let's it slide. If that had of been anyone else in this country, anyone of the three things I pointed out would have landed us in prison.

There would have been no questions asked, we would have been indicted by a grand jury, would have been found guilty in a court of law and would be serving a life sentence in a federal prison. 

Our Government is now ran by the ruling class and we peasants must take it up the ying yang. We have been shown without a shadow of a doubt just how rigged the system really is. If this is any indication of the things to come, we will see Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next President of the United States if We the People don't get our act together. Welcome to the New World Order where the ruling class now officially run the show.

Chappy Gypsy Robert

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