Friday, July 8, 2016

A Page From The Diary of Bill Sharpe:7/8/16

The truth behind the rhetoric From the diary of A Patriot ,Bill Sharpe

Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

Good morning to my fellow constitutional loving Americans

I was watching the Congressional hearing on the director of the FBI's , and his explanation for not charging Hillary Clinton with any crimes related to, espionage or treason.

To all of you out there who have been unfortunately to have been involved in the injustice system, those of you who have had friends and family thrusted into this corrupt system of injustice, if you watched this emergency hearing on the FBI's decision not to charge Hillary Clinton for crime, because no reasonable prosecutor would do so, you are probably sick in your stomach right now! you probably know of someone that is in jail, has been in jail, or has been loss a ton of money to defend themselves from exactly the same thing that Hillary Clinton is skating away from !!!

There are probably hundreds of thousands of people who have been incarcerated, and charged for crimes based on the same tactics and techniques, that Hillary Clinton is not being charged with ! I am going to draw a picture for you, this is hypothetical ' let's say that there is a an explosion someplace in America, what the investigating law enforcement agencies will do, is that they perform an investigation, 1 find out what kind of explosion device it was, what it was made out of, what physics were involved, what chemicals were involved, who why what and where could be the suspects.

They draw a big circle around the incident,and what they do first is look for motive, second they look for people who may have the knowledge ! to have created such a device, third, they look for someone who has access to the materials. fourth,they start eliminating everyone who does not have a motive for the explosion. Fifth, they keep reducing this circle, until there are only a small handful of individuals, all of this is based upon having knowledge ! six, they will convict someone based upon having knowledge alone, with out any other facts or evidence, there are a ton of people in jail, incarcerated all over this country because they possessed knowledge.

There have been tons of people, convicted of crimes for no more then being in possession of knowledge, all through the history of the United States of America people have been incarcerated and put into jail because they possess knowledge, so when the FBI says that there is not enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton, is nothing more than a political smokescreen, proving to the American citizens that there are two standards of law, one for the elitist, and another for the citizens, the elitist in politics are allowed to be ignorant pertaining to facts, even though they may have more than 30 years of professional,experience and exposure, above and beyond the average citizens experience or exposure, to facts of Law !!!

It would be the equivalent of a doctor operating on you, and not closing the wound back up after the operation was over !!! that type of ignorance does not exist, unless it was deliberate !!!. The American people know that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Democratic Communist Party, are professional agents, spy,s to deceive and to destroy this nation, the word games that these people play prove without a shadow of a doubt they are professionals at what they are doing, the actions to cover up the wrongdoing from Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, are proof ill will, and criminal intent, to destroy documents, to hide documents, and to lie about such crimes, is a premeditated act, of conspiracy, and a willful act of negligence!

Hillary Clinton's actions, would be like a banker, leaving the bank vault open, leaving the front door open and unlock, and turning the alarm off, calling the bank robbers, perhaps Saudi Arabia, or the donors of the Clinton foundation, and telling them the door is open and the alarms off !!! and knowing that she did so with the intent, hoping that someone that she knew would rob the bank, and then share the proceeds with her !

IN Hillary Clinton's case, the police know what she did, and because they get political favors, or gain a financial incentive, they can prove, that all of these steps were deliberate !!! The saddest part about this, is that there are probably hundreds of thousands of people in United States of America, from the Republican Party, from the Democratic Party, and independents, who are or have served time in jail, for less !!! if this is not willful intent to deceive, then the definition willful intent, does not exist !!!

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