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Global Strong Cities Cold War: Series 4: “An Unholy Marriage”:#23, Manufacturing Madness

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #4

 “An Unholy Marriage”:


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Daily Bites of Global Strong Citizens Cold War: Series 4 “An Unholy Marriage” Published as a Public Service by Citizens Commission for Human Rights:
Daily Bites of Citizens Commission of Human Rights International

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#23, Manufacturing Madness:
 Citizens Commission for Human Rights (a public service booklet) 

Webster's’ Dictionary defines fiction as anything made up or imagined. Anyone reviewing Psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) and the mental health section of the international classification of diseases (ICD) 10th version would find it difficult to place it in any other category. they are literally psychiatry’s bible of invented mental illnesses. Of course, psychiatrists will protest that they did not invent the behavior defined and it is true that the behaviors are often observable. 

However, psychiatry’s unscientific and arbitrary bundling together of behaviors and emotions under the fraudulent tag of “mental illness” is pure fabrication calculated to further the myth of mental illness and to precipitate a mental health state. Essentially, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) constitute psychiatry’s diagnostic creed; a creed totally discredited by psychiatrists’ total inability to agree on definitions for basic terms and other fundamental diagnostic criteria. 

For example, concerning schizophrenia DSM states: “Even if it had tried the committee could not establish agreement about what the disorder is.” It could only agree on what to call it. DSM3 tells us there is no satisfactory definition that specifies precise boundaries for the concept “mental disorder.” For most of the DSM3 disorders the cause is unknown. A variety of theories have been advanced but not always convincing. ---- To explain how these disorders come about DSM4 states that the term “mental disorder” continues to appear in the volume because we have not found an appropriate substitute.

In 1995 Dr. Rex Crowdy, the then Director of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) admitted at a House Appropriation Subcommittee Hearing that “as for mental health, we do not know the causes.” We don’t have methods of curing these illnesses. From the hand full of mental illnesses defined in the 1800s the number of condemnations of human behavior has steadily expanded. The DSM Manual was first published in 1952 with 112 mental disorders but the 1994 DSM Manual specifies more than 370. 

This authoritative manual is no more than a shopping list of fictitious mental diseases determined by a majority vote of what “expert” psychiatrists judge to be abnormal. A Psychologist attending a DSM hearing commented on this: “The low level of intellectual effort was shocking! Diagnosis was developed on a majority vote the way we would use to choose a restaurant. You feel like Italian and I feel like Chinese so let’s go to the cafeteria!” 

 (to be continued) ....

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(To be continued )
Global Strong Cities Cold War series 4 “An Unholy Marriage”:

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To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold War,series #4  “An Unholy Marriage”:

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