Saturday, November 12, 2016

What's On My Mind ?:11/12/16,"Slaying the Giant"

What's on my mind?
"Slaying the Giant" 

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

 I got this little booklet in the mail because I requested from a facebook post how to fight child's sex trafficking. Believe it or not. I was watching the PA State convention on PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) and they are part of this fight. Also Representative Stan Saylor mentioned it in his last newsletter. I decided I would share this information in this little booklet by Daily bites because it would be too long for face book to publish it at once. I don't know who wrote it but the web site is: There are other contacts which are listed at the end of the series I submit. They titled this little book "Slaying the Giant" so I will title the series Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant. Christians are called upon by God to challenge injustice and cherish all children. How will we answer Him when He asks if we did all we could to protect them?


 Coming Soon

Twelve Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant:

1) Making an Impact: 2) Food for the Mind and Heart: 3) Finding the Root of the Problem: 4) The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep 5) A Basic Overview: 6) Psalms of Comfort: 7) The Good Samaritan Making a Difference 9) Being a Mentor 10) Power of Small things: 11) Resources: 12) 

Warning Signs and Contacts:

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