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Daily Bites of Global Government Control #7:More than a Club!

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New American Magazine September 1996 More than a Club!:

New American 1996 The Council of Foreign Relations is more than an establishment Club. In the words of Washington Post’s Richard Harwood, “It is the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.” Writing in the October 30,1993 issue of the Post Harwood observed:

 “The president is a member and so is his secretary of state, all 5 of the under secretaries, several of the assistant secretaries and the Department’s legal advisor. The president’s national security advisor and his deputy are members. The director of Central Intelligence (like all previous directors) and the chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board are members. 

The Secretary of Defense, 3 under secretaries and at least 4 of the assistant secretaries are members. The secretaries of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) ; Interior, Health and Human Services and the chief White House Public Relations man along with the Speaker of the House are members. 

This is not a group rank of people who look like America, as the President once put it, but they very definitely look like people who for more than half a century have managed our international affairs and our military industrial complex! Were the CFR an organization numbering in the millions the state of affairs described by Harwood might not be so peculiar. 

However, the dominance exercised by an organization whose memberships number approximately 3,000 can not be mere coincidence. The present dominance of the CFR in government has been consistent for more than half of a century. In addition CFR members hold important positions in tax exempt foundations. the media and more. 

(to be continued)
 Working on the Goal:
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of Global Government Control Series

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