Saturday, August 6, 2016


The Democrat Party is no longer what it stood for in the days of Kennedy. It is now the Progressive Socialist Communist Party. They rule the media. The media do what they are told. There is no more freedom of the press. Those days have long gone.  

How many more freedoms must we lose before we vote the Democrat Party out? How many undocumented immigrants will be living in our cities and rural communities? Many more, that I can tell you. Hillary Clinton has said she will bring in more than Obama wants to bring in. How many will be terrorists? Well, we can assume some will be. What about the non-radical Muslims? They will want Sharia law. They don't assimilate to our culture except for a very small portion of them. How can the Constitution work with Sharia law? It cannot.
If Hillary wins the election, there will be no more freedom to bear arms. She is pushing for this. What else will we lose? More freedoms and our Judeo Christian beliefs that the Constitution is  based upon. We have heard whispers about this happening. Hence, The Constitution of the United States will be an old piece of paper that will be put in a museum. This is what our Progressive Socialist Communist Party of the United States wants.

Trump can change this. We just have to keep pushing to make it happen. We the people have become the warriors. The Trump supporters are a Movement. We must keep up what we are doing. We cannot stop until Trump is in the White House. 

Don't believe the corrupt polls that the media brings to you. A Democrat based show held a live poll. They were not expecting what they got from people polling live.

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"Viewers of “Watch What Happens Live,” hosted by Andy Cohen, were asked to text in their presidential choice.

The results were YUGE.

The unscientific poll showed that 65 percent of respondents favored Donald Trump and only 35 percent favored Hillary Clinton.

The poll results shocked Cohen and his program’s guests, Heather Dubrow of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and Rob Corddry of the HBO series “Ballers.”

Cohen was also told by his producers that this poll received more responses than any other poll ever done on “Watch What Happens Live.”

While many people may be quick to write off this poll because it’s from “Bravo,” the results shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In actuality, a poll like this should be of great concern to Hillary Clinton – given the typical demographic of the Bravo audience."


Remember that the crowds of people going to see Trump, mostly will vote for Trump. Believe the reality of what is happening but don't stop spreading the word. We must all vote and make the 'American Dream' a reality, once more. Make America Great Again!

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