Saturday, August 6, 2016

What's on my mind?: I Kings 9:7-9

What's on my mind?

 I Kings 9:7-9 (same thing with U.S.) 

"I will cut off Israel out of the Land which I have given them. (God speaking) and this house which I have hallowed for My Name will I cast out of My sight and Israel shall be a proverb and a byword among all people. And at this House which is High, everyone who passes by shall be astonished and shall say why has the Lord done this to this Land and to this House? And they shall answer....Because they forsook the Lord their God who brought forth their fathers out of the land of Egypt and have taken hold upon other gods and have worshipped them and served them. Therefore hath the Lord brought upon them all this evil."

Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords

These books unavailable on Amazon. I only have my one copy of each paperback A Series of 6.
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Pilgrim's Path To Freedom Render Tribute Due Volume 5

Authored by Pearl L. Sturgis

Following is only one example of the many heroes that have forged the way for the authorized King James version of God's holy word and believer's plight for freedom of worship.

Pilgrim's Path To Freedom - (Render Tribute Due Vol. 5) is the conclusion to a five part series from medieval 1200 A.D. to William Penn and the Quakers.

Pearl L. Sturgis has searched and researched the historiography of the great men of the mid centuries who were not deterred from presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to English speaking peoples.

The abuse and tyrannical persecution of the mid centuries pilgrims and others whose only thought was to worship their God in freedom, is only partially documented in this series of small booklets.

The author has delved into much research to bring to light the abuse and persecution of the then Catholic Church and also the kings of England. Many great men and women faced death for daring to bring the word of God to English speaking people.

May God continue to bless the United States of America!

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