Thursday, July 7, 2016


It must be surmised that the FBI had a plan not to put criminal charges on Clinton before that Saturday when she was questioned. 

Clinton had been saying all along that she would not be under indictment. Did she know something that we did not know? 

Not only was Comey not present for this extremely important questioning of Clinton, but the question period was not recorded and Hillary was not put under OATH. The five or six member panel (Comey's own description...he's not really sure how many people made up the panel) that questioned her were not even all interviewed by Comey. Wasn't this one of the biggest cases the FBI had? In my humble opinion, I believe Comey should have been in attendance.

This investigation was not some small case with a common criminal. This was a case to determine if the potential next president of the United States was guilty of criminal wrong doings with her private email server. 

Comey did reveal that Clinton was negligent and knew what she was doing was wrong. How can the citizens of America trust her with classified information?

Have I lost my mind, or does all this sound like corruption is in the wind? Now, most people do not trust the IRS or even the CIA but now we cannot trust the FBI either? 
One conclusion I have come to is that I will never vote for a politician again. My vote will be for a citizen of The United States. You guessed it, I'm voting for Trump!

 Daveda Gruber

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