Thursday, June 16, 2016


Hello friends,Bill Sharpe Here...

I was just watching and listening to the news,and I heard that a federal court judge, just denied Texas lawsuit against allowing Syrian refugees into Texas, there's an easy fix for this, you see the federal judges, politicians and alike don't live under the same as the average citizens, they have their own security force and their own police force,so the laws and the rules have no effect on their lives, to fix this problem we need to remove their security forces from them, make it illegal for them to have additional security forces around their home, around their families, their businesses.

This way the decisions that they make will affect them directly and exactly same way that they affect us, you see their insulated from the everyday reality that the American citizens have to live, they don't have to worry about someone breaking into there home because they have security around their home, they don't have to worry about someone kidnapping their wives or children or assassinate them or robbing them because they have their own police force, AND this has to Stop ! 

This is the only way we can Force them to make decisions that Benefit us All, as long as these people are above the law insulated from the rules and laws they pass, and have a fence around them and their family to protect them, they will not do anything to protect you or your family, so their security forces must be eliminated, and it must be made Illegal for them to have Additional Security, and this way and only this way will they see how the real world works.

For the average person, but of course they don't believe their a average person they believe that they are better than you and your family, they have No Consequences for the Political Bad Decisions that they make that are purely political so that they can sustain a lifestyle remote from the average American citizen !!! we can fix this immigration problem, and we can fix this terrorist problem in a heartbeat, take all the extra security away from the federal judges , and these politicians and make them live in our world, see how easy it would be to fix, I bet they would have a problem if they were not allowed to carry a firearm as well, they would be the first ones standing up for the Second Amendment !!!

Bill Sharpe 

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