Friday, June 17, 2016


"If we don't teach our children who God is, someone else will teach them everything that He's not." - Darlene Schacht

You know, like that ungodly "village" that ungodly people keep telling you that is needed to raise your child? God did not tell you to let the village raise your child. He gave that child to YOU with His instructions for YOU to raise him or her that HE GAVE YOU. Not the world, BUT YOU. Not the world's way, but HIS WAY.

You are seeing today in America what happens to souls when God is not held above all. God lets you choose ..... HIM or the fallen world. Why do you think so many are working together to remove His name, His Word, His Almightiness over all from sight and ear and heart and mind in America today? THE VILLAGE IS full of sick, corrupt, greedy, lying, stealing, evil people, Americans. They want you to follow them and reject God and His way.... they want you to "play" with them, not be God's children, not be obedient to what God says will bless you and your life and your family and your nation. They want nothing of God for he calls out their corruption and sin, their works that hurt others, their greed that hurts others, their way that has NO FILTERS allowing choices to propell a soul over the cliff of destruction for their lives.

Funny how people try to reason they want to be free of God's "restricitions" on their lives.... they "deserve" to be happy by doing and saying whatever makes them happy... and the big lies Satan tells them: "you deserve to be happy, and if God loves you, he wants you to be happy." Oh child of God, free to choose. Since the Garden of Eden, Satan tickles your sinful nature, your emotions, your vulnerabilities. He knows them all. He'll have you forget God's firm foundations for your blessing and sustainment and encouragement and a love that seeks your individual potential risings with the gifts God has bestowed on you for good, for others, for the kingdom. Satan and the evil "village" tell you another story. It's a lie and a trap: "to be happy, you must do whatever you like and want. If God loves you, that is what he wants for you."

THE LIES NEVER CHANGE from the evil village on others. They always want CONTROL. They always shun God and want the allegiance and elevation for themselves. Got it? Do you see the two "neighborhoods" battling for your soul and that of your children? You can not ignore BOTH realities for your soul. Your choices will determine goodness or sinfulness, for you, your children, your neighborhood, your city, your state, your nation, and the eternal destination of many souls. The smallest thoughts away from God attracts the evil villagers to swam and land and drip the honey to deceive. This is why God tells you to QUICKLY and IMMEDIATELY REJECT AND REBUKE any thought or word or deed that is dangled before you that GOES AGAINST HIS WARNINGS for you.

The evil villages across America and the world grow in their rabid, evil ways rejecting the truths of God and telling you they care more, they know more, you need to be happy with them....... DO YOU UNDERSTAND THEY ARE THE TRAPPED ALREADY TRYING TO PULL YOU IN WITH THEM? They have let themselves be enslaved and chained and can only lure and lie in their darkness for you.

Do you understand that many taken lure you from their high positions in America? From the government, media, courts, schools/universities, etc.? The false lights are growing and have overcome many influencial people whose voices are many and loud, megaphones for the lies. Satan doesn't discriminate but takes all he can to take more.

In America, corruption abounds as God has been pushed out, and the "village" raised to be glorified and followed.... the village taking you into destruction, your family, your nation. CONSEQUENCES are REAL from your choices: God or the village of slaves of Satan.

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