Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Guess Who The Trump Basher Is ?

YOU'RE GONNA Love This One, Trump Supporters

Man Behind The TRUMP BASHING “Literally Hitler” Ad EXPOSED… Look Who He Works For [VID]

Trump haters, including Republicans love to compare him to Hitler. It’s ridiculous.

Now, let me show you something you will find very interesting. Let me lay it out for you and you can connect the dots.

Citizen Super PAC released an ad that blatantly compared Trump to Hitler.

Attorney Chris Gober is the co-founder of Citizen Super PAC.

Chris Gober is also TED CRUZ’S ATTORNEY! He is also a staunch Cruz supporter!

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Here is the video.

Citizen Super Pac, which has a history of backing the Republican Party, funded this ad comparing GOP front-runner Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

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