Thursday, March 3, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...

Colliers encyclopedia 1954 About the USA Flag...origin in its symbolism.

 The stars represent the states of the union and the stripes commemorate the original 13 colonies. There is a considerable lack of uniformity in the types of flags used by other nations of the world. In United States only one type of Flag is in general use. Other countries, however, may employ a different flag for each of a number of uses. for example in Great Britain a patriotic homeowner may fly a British Union but the merchant flies a red ensign.

 The United States Flag flies on the proportion of 3 to 2. this contrasts with the English Flag and those of her possessions and dependencies, as well as with the flags of many nations in the western hemisphere where a proportion of 2 to 1 is generally specified. The proportion of the US flag is only a general one and many variations are in use by civilians and military establishment alike. 
(unquote Colliers)

 Pearls thoughts: 

3 to 2 denotes the checks and balances of self government.

1) executive 

2) legislature 

3) judicial selected of the people, by the people and for the people. 

1) of the people 

2) by the people 

3) for the people 2 to 1 denotes 1) parliament 

2) king, emperror, dictator or any tyrant

The Banner that He Gave US...Red reminds me of God's Son who shed His Blood for me.

White stands for His Righteousness for all the world to see. 

Blue is for His Heavens that surround US all about.

Stars portray His universe.

The Lord is King, no doubt.

High above the ground it flies to Free US for it is the symbol of God's law.

He has said His law will not be grievous when it is obeyed by one and all.

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