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German WWII Survivor :“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

‘USA Heading Down Same Path’
“I get so upset when I see how our freedom is being trampled. So many people don’t appreciate what they have. Speak up – don’t compromise.” 
– Margarete Fallat

Margarete Fallat
At a local campaign event this weekend, I had the privilege of listening to an impassioned speech from a woman who lived through the rise of Nazi Germany. Despite being a young girl at the time, Margarete Fallat’s memories from that period were retold in chilling detail, made all the more impactful as she correlated many of the developments she witnessed to those on-going in the United States.

During the 1930s, a young Margarete was watching her beloved homeland change before her eyes. Her father was a railroad administrator – a highly-regarded position at the time, and he was being pressured to join the ‘Party.’ Noticing that representatives of the Party included thugs in brown shirts smashing windows and vandalizing businesses (#BlackLivesMatter?), he declined. Eventually, he was hauled off for a couple of months of ‘reeducation.’ He returned home in an ambulance, never to recover from the beatings and torture he had endured at the hands of Party operatives. He died shortly after. His last words to his daughter were, “Do not give in.”

“I will never give in. I will never compromise.” – Margarete Fallat

She recalled being 14-years-old and needing dental work. After a painful operation, she boarded a street car with gauze in her mouth. A cowardly Schutzstaffel (SS) agent punched her in the face, knocking her teeth out. He was aware that she had been outspoken against the Party, and wanted to make her pay the price for exercising her speech. She said no one was spared from the physical abuse by the SS or brownshirts – boys and girls, men and women, old and young were fair game for assault.

In the years that ensued, Margarete’s civilization fell prey to poisonous socialism (#FeelTheBern?), which quickly metastasized into vicious fascism. Nazi officers entered German schools and instructed the teachers that they would adopt a universal national curriculum (Communist Core?). Her brother was drafted into the military at the tender age of 15. She was forced to leave college and enter into service, as well, helping to direct munitions deliveries along the rail lines in Russia.

“What is socialism but communism undercover?” – Margarete Fallat

She distinctly recalled bodies hanging from lampposts along the rivers’ edges – not from nooses, but from hooks in their necks. She spoke of train loads of Jews and dissenters being sent to reeducation camps, which had devolved into concentration camps for the purposes of ‘population cleansing.’ It is for these poor souls that she continues to share her life story – to keep it fresh in her memory, and to awaken others to the dangers of socialism and its derivatives.

Germans were fed a constant stream of war propaganda to be convinced that the war effort was going even better than it was in reality. One of the stories they were regularly fed was that the Nazis were shooting down Allies’ planes, when the reverse was often true. One day, a neighbor rushed frantically into her house, proclaiming that an injured American pilot had ended up in her barn, and she needed assistance in communicating with him.

Margarete ended up marrying that American pilot, and eventually traveling to the United States with him on a steamship. When she voted for the first time in America, in privacy, without armed soldiers monitoring her choices, she wept with joy and relief.

It is for many of these reasons that Margarete is adamant the Silent Majority be silent no longer, and that the younger generations educate themselves on the political process. Her messages to both are pointed and grave –

“When I speak to the young folks in school, I tell them, ‘Your forefathers went to war to allow you to voice your opinions and vote’… The silent majority has been silent for such a long time in America. We have the freedom to speak up, but we don’t do it. We are apathetic. If you don’t speak up, we will become another Germany – and I fear we are on the way.”

In the midst of a wave of socialistic yearning that has washed across the United States, Margarete warns against being a victim of weakness for three hazardous ‘moral’ entrapments: Tolerance, Moderation, and Compromise. Americans are under no obligation to timidly accept socialism, collectivism, or any of their enticements, nor should we.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” – Proverb

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