Sunday, January 17, 2016

Telling It, Like It Is !


by Elizabeth Jones

Ted Cruz, opportunist that he is, once again shows how devious, manipulative, and dishonest that he is. Cruz, did not show up for the vote to audit the Federal Reserve because of his wife's deep involvement with Goldman Sachs and their indebtedness to Goldman Sach. The Federal Reserve bailed out Goldman Sach during the financial collapse of 2008. Goldman Sach is closely tied to the Federal Reserve for all of its borrowing needs. Cruz is over his head in big money donations from the people and companies that he refers to as "capitalists cronies on Wall Street", and that he criticizes.

If Cruz had been in tune with the Republicans voters back in Texas, he would have known that this is an important vote for his constituency. The Platform of the Texas Republican Party called for the Federal Reserve to be abolished. Cruz did not come up through the grass roots, so he would not have known that. He was appointed to office in Texas. Then he latched on to the Tea Party to get elected as Senator.

There is something about human nature that you can't hide for too long. His colleagues in the Senate, have seen this part of his human nature, and realize that Ted is all about Ted and furthering his own ambition. All of these people who have worked with him in the Senate say the same thing. They don't trust him, not because he leached on to the Tea Party agenda, to get elected to the Senate, but because he is self promoting, self staging, and self serving. Everything that Cruz did in the Senate was to gain popularity and notoriety, setting himself up to run for President.

Ted Cruz has hidden many things about himself from the public. First, that he ran for the Senate as a dual citizen of Canada and America. Second, he took the Senate oath to defend the Constitution, knowing that he owed allegiance to Canada at the same time. You can't tell me that a Harvard Law School trained lawyer did not know he was a Canadian and an American. If he had not with held this important information about himself, and his family, he never would have been elected Senator. In my opinion, Cruz is fundamentally a dishonest person, in the way in which he approaches the practice of law, and the way in which he twists the Constitution to meet his personal agenda.

Second, Ted Cruz has hidden, in his financial disclosure, that he and his wife had borrowed 1,000,000 dollars from his wife's employer, Goldman Sach, to finance his campaign. Again, Cruz, the Harvard lawyer, plays dumb, and pretends that he did not know of this failed financial disclosure.

Third, every opportunity that Ted Cruz gets, he is in New York, begging big money donors for money for his campaign. Yet, he has the audacity to denigrate the people of New York and New York itself for its values.

Fourth, there are bound to be even more things that we don't know about Ted Cruz, that would be pertinent to know, in considering a vote for Ted Cruz. Cruz will never disclose these things unless he gets caught and is force to admit them. However, he will always find a way to divert from his guilt, and point to others, or other reasons for his mistakes.

Ted Cruz does not deserve our Tea Party votes!

Donald Trump is not beholding to any large donors, lobbyists or special interests. He is deserving of our votes, and he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


This is the Elizabeth Jones personal opinion. It isn't a Friends Of Liberty endorsement of anyone

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