Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Letter To The Rino Elites Of The GOP :

A Message to the GOP Elite 
by BobL

To our masters at the GOPe,

No doubt you people remember your first reactions to Trump's major policy announcements (the wall, Muslims, etc.). It was one of pure attack at Trump, no credence to his concerns and absolutely no concern at all that the Republican voters, if not most of the country, just might agree with him.

Nope, all you could do was ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, both Trump and the 'Crazies' (what John McCain calls us Trump supporters). By doing so, you have driven us people that agree with Trump right into his bear hug and there is no way you will pry us loose. We only laugh at your attempts.

But here's something constructive for you people. Perhaps if you had tried responding as follows to Trump's positions and statements, and tried to work constructively with us, you would not be on the verge of losing control of the party to Trump. Here are some things that you COULD have said in response to Trump and kept yourself as credible force in candidate selection:

1) "We agree, a properly designed wall is probably a good idea, considering what is going on down there and particularly with all these children from Central America now coming in, but we're not sure trying to have Mexico pay for it makes sense. But there's room for discussion."

2) "We agree that critical technologies have been lost to China and that China has been subsidizing at least some of their exports, so perhaps we revisit our trade policies with China with an eye towards what's best for the United States."

3) "We agree, lots of jobs have moved to Mexico because of their much lower labor costs. Perhaps we review our labor, environmental, and safety laws to see what can be down to lower costs on our side of the border, so manufacturers will not have such a strong incentive to move down there."

4) "We agree that the terrorist attacks done in the name of Islam, by Muslims, are greatly disproportionate to their numbers, so we should investigate what is driving these attacks and take the needed steps to keep Americans safe from these attacks. Some people may object to as it likely will involve trying to understand their religion better, and may result in some policies directed towards Muslims, but an increasing level of terrorism is simply not acceptable in the United States."

...but you guys chose not to, which is why we're here today.

hat tip: Free Republic

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