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Jessica Smith‎  


The dossier used to start the Russia investigation pertaining to Trump "came from Russians. So, there's clear evidence of collusion with the Russians. It just happens to be with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee": http://nu.thetreason.com

For personal gain of wealth and power, and in attempt to prevent the Trump presidency and – if not successful – to remove the duly elected President Trump from office, members of the Obama administration, FBI and DOJ (Department of Justice) have taken part in criminal activities, a conspiracy and illegal collusion with cronies of Vladimir Putin and others.

To cover the massive corruption and pay-to-play schemes involved and the failures of the Obama administration, the still ongoing fraudulent investigation against President Trump was launched.

• "Democrats intentionally used disinformation from Russia to attack Trump, campaign aides": http://do.thetreason.com

It has now become clear that many individuals involved will soon be prosecuted in the court of law, and that some of them more than likely will be prisoned.

The truth about the Russia investigation against Trump is being exposed as a sham, a Democratic political operation. The entire bases of Robert Mueller's so-called investigation is based and predicated on a lie and a conspiracy theory that was cooked up by the Obama administration, Democrats and liberal news media, as an excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

After a year onto this Russia probe, the only evidence surfaced is a salacious phony document purchased and paid for by Hillary Clinton, filled with Russian lies and propaganda, to try to influence voters during the U.S. presidential election.

• Meanwhile, five month's of key text-messages exchanged between two FBI agents working in Mueller's team have gone missing. Other messages of theirs show that the two have taken part in conspiracy against Trump: http://ha.thetreason.com



Among his catastrophic decisions – from the perspective of the Americans, Ukrainians, Syrians and others –, Barack Obama did not only give billions of dollars to North Korea, while claiming such politics would be good for the American people, but he also gave 150 billion dollars to Iran.

Unlike intended/pretended, the money given to Iran has been wasted on weapons programs and militias unfriendly to the U.S. forces, including in – but not limited to – Iran, Syria and Yemen, and to build 300 mosques in South America and to sponsor drug-trafficking from there to North America, to fund activities of Hezbollah, a Shia Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon.

With similar politics, Bill and Hillary Clinton have cashed hundreds of millions of dollars, together with the Clinton Foundation which was established to operate as a pay-to-play system exchanging donations for favors: http://cf.thetreason.com

Meanwhile, instead of having in any way helped Donald Trump become the president of USA – as has been alleged –, Vladimir Putin has viewed Trump as a great obstacle for his goals, unlike he has viewed Barack Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

• "Obama didn’t arm Ukraine, because he led the disarming of Ukraine, and because of his conspiracy with Putin": http://ob.thetreason.com

• Sarah Palin warned about Putin invading Ukraine if Obama becomes president: http://pa.thetreason.com

As an example for what Putin has feared, President Trump has recently agreed to provide Ukraine with the Javelin missile system, devastating when used for instance against the Russian T-72 main battle tank, as shown used on the following video: http://mb.thetreason.com

• Trump: "Sanctions shall not be lifted before Russia leaves Ukraine": http://yt.thetreason.com

Accordingly, due to these reasons and to to hide their shared conspiracy, both Putin and Hillary Clinton wanted to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the President of USA.

Subsequently, to help his goals and policies of aggression on international stage, Putin has sought to create division on all fronts in the West, including in USA, EU and NATO. For this and the above-given reasons, colluding with the U.S. Democratic leaders was seen as a wise choice by Putin.

One example of Putin's attempts to create division in USA: "In attempt to sow fear, Russian trolls paid for self-defense classes for African-Americans": http://sd.thetreason.com

• Putin-trolling against the West

One of Obama's first acts as president was to ditch the deal that President George W. Bush had negotiated for the defense of Poland and Czech Republic, to entice Putin to favor Obama's notorious Iran nuclear deal. As part of this trade-off package, Obama turned blind eye to the funding of Hezbollah through sales of cocaine.

• Report: The FBI uncovered a Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved a controversial nuclear deal with Moscow – and millions of dollars routed to the U.S. were designed to benefit the Clinton Foundation: http://ct.thetreason.com

In 2010, the Obama administration approved the sale of the company Uranium One to the Russian government. Hillary Clinton's State Department signed off on the deal despite of the fact that it gave Russia control of 20% of the U.S. uranium capacity.

• Saudi Arabia and Qatar have sponsored both the Clinton Foundation and ISIS, explaining why the Obama administration did not effectively go after ISIS in Syria or elsewhere: http://as.thetreason.com

• Clinton Foundation received $25 million from Saudi Arabia and many more millions from a group known as "Friends of Saudi Arabia", explaining why the Obama administration stopped pressuring the Saudis: http://sa.thetreason.com

• Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on the U.S. Russia-sanctions while Bill Clinton was paid $500G for a speech in Moscow, by the same Russians who took control of the U.S. uranium in question. Bill was personally thanked by Putin: http://hc.thetreason.com

• Earlier, in 2005, Hillary Clinton had blackmailed and threatened Kazakh officials, to gain concession for a Canadian businessman Frank Giustra to acquire notable uranium assets in Kazakhstan. Giustra was closely associated with the birth of the company Uranium One around that time. In return, he donated $30 million to the Clinton Foundation: http://ka.thetreason.com

To be granted free access to operate in Ukraine and Syria, Putin had his cronies worked closely with the U.S. Democratic leaders. Putin's cronies included John and Tony Podesta, linked to organized crime recently by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The Podesta Group received $900G in 2011–2012 from the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU), a group sympathetic to the pro-Putin then-president-of-Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions.

• Putin's Ukrainian cronies donated $20 million and Russian cronies over $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, to earn Putin access to both Ukraine and to a large part of the U.S. uranium reserves: http://ur.thetreason.com

• The Hillary Clinton campaign chairman's brother lobbied against sanctions on Russia's largest bank, and failed to report it: http://ur.thetreason.com

• The CIA told Obama about alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election as early as August 2016 – and yet the Obama administration didn’t publicly disclose the attempts until a little-noticed statement in October 2016, because the meddling was meant to help Hillary Clinton: http://ci.thetreason.com

• DNC financed collusion with Ukrainians, to sabotage the Trump campaign and to benefit Hillary Clinton: http://dnc.kvenland.org

• The Democrat-linked firm Fusion GPS took money from the Russian government while it created a phony dossier that has been the bases for all of the Russia scandal fake news: http://ur.thetreason.com

• Former DNC (Democratic National Committee) chairwoman Donna Brazile revealed that the committee rigged the 2016 Democratic presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders, and even Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) now admits this: http://db.thetreason.com

• "Hillary Clinton -backer was paid $500G to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct before election day": http://es.thetreason.com

Attorney Lisa Bloom has been referred to as a "feminist for hire". Recently, she was paid to provide moral cover for Harvey Weinstein, a friend of Hillary Clinton who is accused of predatory misdeeds against women.

• Bloom was also paid $250G to try to line up big paydays for women willing to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct, and to seek donor cash for Trump accusers: http://bl.thetreason.com



Polls show that the American public is loosing faith on how the medias are covering Trump.

• Based on a poll from November 2017, 58% of American voters disapprove of the way the medias cover the president (3% provided no opinion): http://li.thetreason.com

• Based on a poll from October 2017, nearly half of the U.S. voters say medias fabricate stories about Trump: http://fn.thetreason.com

• According to an analysis by the Media Research Center – published in January 2018 –, the coverage by the three major networks ABC, CBS and NBC of President Trump during his first year in office was 90% negative: http://mn.thetreason.com

According to a Harvard University study published in June 2017, nearly 94 % of CNN news pertaining to President Trump had been negative, from the start of his presidency up to that point.

Threatened by legal proceedings, in the summer of 2017 CNN fired three of its producers who had fabricated news pertaining to a Trump team member.

In late 2017, CNN sent to an unpaid leave its reporter who had fabricated news related to the Trump administration so dramatically that the news had a major negative impact on the stock market.

The reporter was banned from reporting anything about Trump hereafter. CNN made a public apology regarding the incident.

• Learn more – Fake News Awards


• Articles on Putin-trolling

✝️ — with Donald J. Trump and 2 others.

‎Jessica Smith

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. -- Plato (429-347 BC)


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