Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Google contractor tried to censor Infowars

Google Admits Cernovich Was Right, Agrees to Stop Censoring Infowars

Google will not remove InfoWars from its search engine results, Maxwell Tani of Business Insider reports:

Google said Monday that a vendor mistakenly told staffers working for the search engine that InfoWars should be ranked as a low-quality site.

The prominent right-wing website — which has been known to stoke conspiracy theories — blasted Google on Monday after pro-Trump media personality Mike Cernovich shared screenshots that showed a Google contractor saying InfoWars should be rated as a “low-to-medium” reliable site since its stories are “often debunked.”

When Mike Cernovich exclusively reported that Google hired a contractor to target InfoWars for censorship, haters claimed he was wrong. As when Cernovich broke the Susan Rice story, among others, before everyone else, this mistake is understandable.

Cernovich forgives his haters.

No one in media has the network of sources Cernovich has. It’s understandable that people don’t believe him.

Eli Lake of Bloomberg, who has already stolen at least two stories form Cernovich, went onto a podcast Cernovich had never heard of to call Cernovich names.

“They kept tagging me to get attention,” Cernovich said. “Since they show up in Verified Notifications on Twitter, I saw the hate. But it’s not a big podcast. Who cares? I don’t link to anyone who can’t get 1,000 RTs of hate for me.”

Sam Harris recently went on a lengthy rant about Cernovich on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Joe Rogan, who banned Cernovich from the podcast back in November, thought Harris was creepy, even calling him “obsessed with Cernovich” during the podcast.
Cernovich will continue breaking stories while everyone else talks about the same basic b*tch stories.

Sam Harris, for example, claimed Hillary Clinton would win the election. He was wrong. What a joke.

Harris challenged Cernovich to a debate, and then backed out. What is there to debate? Harris said Hillary would win. He has no unique insights into geopolitical affairs.

Joe Rogan refuses to admit Cernovich is banned from the podcast, even though a mutual friend told Cernovich, “Joe said he hated you and the pro-Trump trolls.”

Cernovich never asked to be on Rogan’s podcast, however, and doesn’t care about being “banned.”

“I’ve never asked anyone to be on a podcast. If people ‘ban’ me, that says it all about their fragile egos. How can you ban someone who hasn’t asked to be on your show?!”


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