Thursday, January 19, 2017


Are your convictions in God's Word or in the world that never ceases to change you and have you call its way "the way, the truth and the life?" 

THAT'S A BIG QUESTION AND A SERIOUS ONE YOU HAVE TO EVALUATE DAILY IN YOUR LIFE, for the voices of change are loud and unceasing in their work to tear you away from living for God alone and standing convicted and faithful to Him and His Word. Are you elevating men and women who lead you away from truth, integrity, respect, and high moral standards as God speaks in His Word? Are you giving the changers your time, energy, voice, money and support? AND INFLUENCING MANY OTHERS AWAY FROM GOD AND HIS WORD AND COMMANDS? 

You can't claim a life surrendered to God when you surrender His Word and your obedience to Him in your choices to people and causes that COMPROMISE WITH THE WORLD'S WAY AND ITS SELF-ELEVATED CHANGERS. There are many, many among us who deceivingly twist God's Word and falsely claim their way is God's way. THIS HAS NOT CHANGED SINCE THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Go back to the Bible today and read Satan's cunning and twisting words to confuse Eve and make her choose the path he played before her, even though God gave very different and clear instructions to her. That fall created this fallen world we still live in today and filled with the same voices of deception and lies. 

WHO ARE YOU FOLLOWING FIRST? WHERE DO YOU CHECK IN FIRST BEFORE YOU CHOOSE? The voices of the world or at the Holy throne of God before Him? 

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW GOD, KNOW HIS VOICE, AND HAVE GODLY CONVICTIONS, THEN YOU HAVE TO READ HIS WORD, THE BIBLE, AND FILL YOURSELF WITH IT. You have to pray to the Lord of your life every day. You have to seek, ask and knock on His door FIRST AND ALWAYS. 

Stop and do a self-exam on your convictions and your living and your choices in them. Now. Today. 

Do not be caught off guard in the return of the Lord, the one you say to the world you follow and are convicted to. Is the praise and attention and popularity and your own pride going to be the choice you make over living with conviction in the Lord and His Word in all things? Do you seek to hear the words of the Lord on His return, "Good and faithful servant," or "Get away from me. I never knew you?" You can't fool God now or ever and you won't be able to cover yourself with leaves and hide like Eve tried to do in the Garden. Expose your sins and be naked of them before the Lord today. 

Do you bristle up and glare downward upon hearing these words now? Don't you know that God calls you to BEWARE OF EVIL, TO BE DISCERNING, TO GUARD YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS? Do not dismiss the forces capable of pulling you away from God, even having you look upon His messengers with disdain when they share His Word and warnings with you. Satan will have you judge the messenger instead of hearing the Word of God from the messenger. He's YOUR great, vile, cunning, charming, clever distracting foe. AND LIAR.

Because of the birth, the life, the sacrifice that Christ made on a cross for you, YOU MAY BE CLEANSED IF YOU REPENT AND SEEK TO FOLLOW CHRIST. Because of the Resurrection and power and love of God, Christ rose from the dead, AND YOU NOW HAVE THE OPTION OF LIVING WITH CHRIST NOW AND FOR ETERNITY... to "rise" above the world in your living today!!!!  Do not throw away the only WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE that comes from your Heavenly Father, Redeemer and Savior. 

The world and its deceivers will never stop trying to devour your heart and mind to accept its lies. These charmers are not empowered on their own but by the prince of this earth who has taken them. You battle a real, spiritual enemy, but you have the rock of ages and firm foundation for victory WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO STAND WITH GOD, HIS WORD AND LIVE A CONVICTED LIFE IN HIM AGAINST THE WORLD. Don't think in pride "I've got this, I know what I'm doing," for pride is the open door to Satan and his demons and principalities to enter disguised as good and right and who will take you right down the path of destruction. 

As Jesus said, "Let those with ears hear. I tell you the truth." JESUS CRIES THIS OUT TO YOU TODAY.  HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!!! 

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