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Global Strong Cities Cold War, Series#2,Child Abuse in the Classroom:#23,Testing Students slang Sexual Words

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Global Strong Cities Cold War,
Series #2

Child abuse in the classroom:


Daily Bites of Child Abuse in the Classroom by Phyllis Schlafly :

Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly:
#23 Testing Students Slang Sexual Words:

In this test the instructions to the teacher is to present an overhead transparency uncovering one at a time from top to bottom. On the left side of these overhead transparencies are the words “nose”...”leg” “elbow” “breast” “penis” “vagina” and “intercourse.” On the right hand side the teacher is supposed to write the slang.

Instructions to the teachers are:

 Ask the students to write down any word they know of for that word. When the lists of all the words are uncovered go back and ask for oral responses and be prepared to offer some words yourself.” Then the teacher is instructed to ask the students to write down ways they learned what they know about sex. Then go over the list and put a plus by the source if it is a positive message and a minus if it is negative. 

Discussions: Teacher should list things an 8th grader feels they should know about sex. Review the whole list and put a “P” for parent if parents should teach and “S” for school if school should teach and “F” for friend or “O” for other/ End of part 1 of test. Parents testimony is that they felt this test lacked dignity. Further instructions to the teacher: “If you feel your group is able to deal with part 1 of this test maturely divide class into small groups segregated by sex this time. 

Ask the boy to draw the outline of a female figure and the girl to draw the outline of a male figure. Give each group a list of the names of the reproductive system; males to females and visa versa. Ask them to draw them on their body pictures. 

Allow 5 minutes and then tape them to the wall. Ask the boys to correct the girls drawings and the girls to correct the boys drawings. Then the teacher checks them all. End of instructions for Part 1 and 2. the parents testified there was no reason to embarrass children in that manner. The whole program never mentioned marriage as a prerequisite for sex. The whole program goes on the assumption that everyone is having sex.

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(To be continued )
 Sex Transmitted diseases. 
My next series is against Common Core. Phyllis Schlafly's "Child Abuse in the Classroom!
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War,series #2

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