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Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War:#4 ,Pay Back Time

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Global Strong Cities Cold War:


Personal testimony of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Assistant Robert Vernon. This is a testimony of how admitting his faith ended his 38 year career in LAPD. Christian Crusade news vol. 41, April 1993

 Daily Bites of Global Strong Cities Cold War.

#4 Pay Back Time:

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Former LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Vernon

Pay Back Time:

The attack published against me in the LA Times seemed to be put on hold for a few weeks. Then on May 22nd the battle heated up even more. LA City Councilman Yaroslavsky referred to the LA Magazine article against homosexuals in a public meeting. 8 years earlier Yaroslavsky made threatening remarks to me after I testified against a freedom of information ordinance he had proposed.

I believed the ordinance would cripple police intelligence at a time when we were preparing for the 1984 olympics. I was concerned about the political forces behind the ordinance itself. “Who is behind the move locally to enact a freedom of information ordinance?” I testified the LA times quoted Councilman Yaroslavsky of giving credit to Linda Valentino of the ACLU and Michael Balter.

In the March 27,1983 issue the Times stated that Balter calls himself a marxist and socialist. It further quoted him as saying, “REVOLUTION MAY BE NECESSARY TO CHANGE THE UNITED STATES SOCIAL SYSTEM AND WHETHER THE REVOLUTION WOULD BE VIOLENT WOULD DEPEND ON POLITICAL CIRCUMSTANCES.”

I would hope this committee and the full council would listen to the responsible citizens of this city and not listen to marxists and socialists who would even consider violence in achieving their objectives. After the hearing ended Councilman Yaroslavsky approached me. He was angry. Bob! he said, “You called me a communist and a revolutionary!” No, I said, “I merely pointed out what the people you worked with on this issue called themselves!” I clearly understood his meaning when he said there will be a pay back time.

The allegations in the LA Magazine article gave Yaroslavsky his chance. He called for the investigation of my religious beliefs, alleging that I had discriminated against unnamed groups of gays and lesbians and suggesting that my consultations with my church board of elders were somehow a violation of public trust. LA Mayor Tom Bradley supported Yaroslavsky call for an investigation.

According to June 4th LA Times the Police Commission and the City Council are taking a look at this. What was happening was now clear to me. I was being taken out because I was not politically correct. My traditional christian beliefs were no longer tolerated by certain power brokers. I began to realize that my faith as well as my allegiance to Chief Daryl Gates was going to cost me my job.

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(to be continued)

To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of  Global Strong Cities Cold  War.

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