Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What's On My Mind ?: Halloween Story, Witch Maranda

What's on my mind?


So today our assignment in writing class for halloween was to write about the witch Maranda casting a spell. I wrote this short story . Maranda cast a spell on all the christian conservatives. She caused half of them to love this orange haired hollywood TV star billionaire to be their King. Then she cast a spell on the other half to hate him and see all the bad things and nothing good. The ones who loved him saw nothing bad and each side hated the other side for trying to fill in the good and the evil. turns out the spell worked really well for the majority who thought this hollywood star knew more than the top General in the US Army and any trouble from anyone if they would make him king he would build a wall and keep them out and he would sue anybody who did not obey Supreme court right or wrong and they should go to jail for any disagreements. Then Miranda cast a spell on those who didn't want the king but made them think they have to vote for him because they have no choice. So they all voted for this Hollywood star and he became king. No more than a month passed till Miranda lifted the spell and all the christian conservatives eyes were opened and they united in one chant for the next 4 years The chant? Oh yes! You guessed it "YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!"

Image result for obama in halloween costume

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