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If God-Fearing Americans See What Hillary Did At Her Rally, Hillary Is TOAST

It is indisputable that our nation was founded by men of Judeo-Christian ethics who utilized natural law rights in our founding documents. The “creator” is referenced in the Charters of Freedom as endowing us with these inalienable rights. However, progressives are attempting to exclude religion – and even the mention of God – from the public lexicon.

They ignore the authority of divinity in government as part of their hostile takeover scheme to fundamentally transform the United States. This is why Hillary Clinton laughed during a recent campaign rally when the speaker said, “Only Hillary can bring us together, as one nation, under…indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The speaker went out of her way to purposefully edit the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the words, “under God.” This is a slap in the face to every religious person in our nation and to the Framers and Founders especially.

This omission is frequent on the Clinton campaign trail. Even as Clinton manufactures her spirituality when speaking to religious-based audiences, especially when she appears at black churches in places like North Carolina, she is cognizant that the authority of a higher power must be marginalized for progressives to succeed in being the ultimate authority in government.

A good example of how far progressives will go to achieve the expunging of natural law from our government lies in the simple act of minting coins. The new Washington dollar coin omits the phrase “In God We Trust.” The mint made this unilateral omission without the mandate of the public. In fact, many people don’t even know that the phrase – a time-honored tradition on all of our currency – was left off.

This underhanded strategy by progressives goes far beyond currency and the maiming of the Pledge of Allegiance. They are actively purging our society of every mention of religion so as to erase it from the national lexicon.

Monuments to the Ten Commandments – even though they are displayed on the facade of the US Supreme Court and the walls of congressional chambers – are routinely removed from their place in front of courthouses. This is a violation of our constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion means we are all free to exercise our religious beliefs in the ways that we see fit up until it encroaches on another’s ability to exercise their religious right. It does not mean expunging religion completely from the public square.

The US Supreme Court’s activist ruling to adopt Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Church, in which he talks of a separation of church and state, is ludicrous. Jefferson was simply saying that no national religions would be established in our country. In effect, he was saying all religions would be welcome in the public square, not that all would be excluded.

With the authority of God embedded into our Charters of Freedom, progressives cannot support campaign of “social justice.” Their march to atheism and worse is hindered if they acknowledge the religious roots of our nation’s founding.

So, whenever you hear a busy-body progressive know-it-all editing the Pledge of Allegiance, say the words “under God” loudly and proudly. Push back against the Marxist tide of progressivism and keep your natural law rights!

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