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Twelve Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant:#3,Finding the Root of the Problem

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Twelve Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant:

1) Making an Impact: 2) Food for the Mind and Heart: 3) Finding the Root of the Problem: 4) The Shepherd and the Lost Sheep 5) A Basic Overview: 6) Psalms of Comfort: 7) The Good Samaritan  Making a Difference 9) Being a Mentor 10) Power of Small things: 11) Resources: 12) Warning Signs and Contacts:

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Finding the Root of the Problem:

Many survivors have been wounded by people and clergy in their churches. Effective services provided by agencies/ organizations include a variety of approaches that must be respected by caregivers and volunteers. these services must respect trafficking survivors’ choices and self determination; attempting to counsel their choices, even if well mentioned, can be harmful. We best demonstrate God’s healing love through actions rather than words. men are not the enemy. Although demand for sex, both actual and virtual, (pornography) is the root of the problem and buyers/users are overwhelmingly male. 

Honorable men are the key to changing the culture of tolerance. Engage the men in your community and call upon them to be role models for the male youth.

The Man Up campaign ( and the Defenders USA ( are examples of programs that men in your community can support. Overwhelmed with a need to make a big difference, good people may gravitate only to the grandest of opening a shelter or saving a child from the street and feel that anything else is small and won’t make an impact. 

This can not be farther from the truth and may come from a place of pride. (Philippians 2:3) there is a broad spectrum of needs both great and small in the anti traffick movement. Let experts explain what their needs are and respond accordingly. The ultimate impact of meeting a seemingly small need may not be immediately obvious. Perhaps the most common pitfall is discouragement and abandoning the call and the cause because it is just too overwhelming. Always keep in mind it is about one life at a time. 

Related image (unquote) PLSturgis: This is a little booklet I received in the mail which I would like to share with you daily to make an impact for these children.

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(to be continued)
The Shepherd and the one lost Sheep:
To be Continued in the Next Daily Bites of Slaying the Giant:
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