Saturday, October 22, 2016


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Nobody In Our Nation Has The Luxury Of Sitting Out This Election, Or Electing Another Democrat To The
White House
 by Robert Buske

We have the issues of New Supreme Court Appointee
coming at us soon, a cesspool of Immigration and Immigration law enforcement issues to clean up, a dangerous breakdown in National Security to address immediately, the blatant war on our law enforcement community at all levels of Government including State and Local Law Enforcement.

We have a Government using its powers and taxpayer money to wage a war on Christianity in the United States, we have a Democrat Administration that is totally ignoring the looting, assaults and burning on our streets in cities across this nation, and the organizations behind all of this activity. We have to rebuild our relationships with ALL of our long time allies overseas, we are witnessing a total breakdown in foreign policy and a blatantly failed use of our Military Strength and weakening of our ability to defend this nation against its enemies from abroad and within our own nation. 

We need a job creator and not a job killing supporter of higher taxes, more regulations and growth in dependency on our Government. We want a candidate that doesn't want to disarm law abiding citizens and trash the 2nd Amendment.
These are just some of the issues, and only ONE candidate is addressing all of them and that is Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton's campaign is totally built on character assassination, and if anyone is open to those kinds of attacks it is Hillary Clinton and not just currently, but for the last three decades. Let's not lose this nation, vote Trump.

If you are serious about real change going forward, you will get it if you vote for Trump. If you have no problem keeping everything working the way it has for the last 8 years, and then sit back and wonder what is coming at this nation next, then vote for Hillary, but don't try to tell us you don't know the differences between the two on every single major issue facing this nation today.

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