Thursday, October 20, 2016


Someone asked me for advice today. Many are scared with all they are seeing in America today. This person asked, "What do we do?" I'll share my response, but please add your own advice in comments. Many need to hear words of faith and truth right now. Speak out and encourage your fellow citizen. As these days in America get worse and worse, many more now see the truth and are scared and fearful. What can you share with them? HOW CAN YOU BE AN ENCOURAGER AND VOICE OF TRUTH, AND A VOICE FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST?


Well, you share the truths with others. You plant seeds of truth and hope you awaken many, that some may fall on fertile ground. We've been trying to do this intently for 9 years. Some have awakened. Many independent voters are now voting for Trump, and outsider to politics, hoping He will bring our nation back to law and as protectors and defenders of us and the Constitution.  

We have learned a lot these last 9 years about who is true and who is false, both parties, and in the media and schools, and courts and judges and scientists, and many others who are spread throughout our society working for government control over us. They are fooled. They think the government really cares and will take care of them. Some are so lost they have no conscience or sense of right or wrong any more. They seek their immediate self-interests and happiness and think they can find it without God. God allows them the freedom to choose. 

Our government is corrupt, and many have taken their money to advance themselves in their places. The love of money is the root of all evil. Pride comes before a fall. The Bible tells us what happens to people who leave God's foundations, and that is being seen in America today, as well as in the infiltration of many of our churches spreading false teaching that goes against God's Word. 

These changers have been working for decades to destroy God's design for our lives with the feminist movement (destroy the family), with false studies spread (homosexuality is NOT genetic. It is a choice as with any sin), with the changers in churches spreading their own "rules," in schools/universities/colleges, newspapers, magazines, movies, commercials, and especially the media. Many you see today had parents who belonged to the Communist Party USA, had children, and raised them for the roles they are in today. They became trapped and lost souls decades ago and "move forward" with years of skills in deception and lies. They only want to hear what their "itching ears want to hear" and have allowed the scales to be placed over their eyes. 

So, you share the truth. You speak it to your children. And if you belong to a church that tolerates what God says is wrong, leave it and find one for you and your children that teaches the solid foundation for their lives in God alone, now and for eternity. God isn't in that place anyway if it has left His teachings and speak their own interpretations and "new age" rules. Woe to them. God has a special place of wrath for them. You get solid with God in your life and for your children and in your living. You get in His Word and know His teachings, His warnings, and put on the full armor of God. Remember Jesus' words to those who follow Him: they hated me and will hate you.  Expect attacks when you shine the light of God into this dark world, but know that your commitment to Christ is the ONLY WAY TO A SUSTAINING JOY IN THIS LOST PLACE. Store up treasures in heaven, not in this place that will soon disappear. 

I don't know what God will let continue to happen, who He will use and for what or when. ... but we do know Jesus could come any moment, and we, too, will have to answer to Him for our choices and deeds. There is only one Way, one Truth, and one Life. Get in it now. This world is fallen and the prince of this earth has a stronghold on America now with those he has taken. And the fooled and compromisers gave it to him. They chose the world's way over God's way. That choice always leads to destruction.  Always. Satan deceives your heart and mind into his temptations of earthly joy, now, and "you deserve it."  HE IS A LIAR.

God will let who He wants be president for His own purposes, but we don't know if it is His time for restoration or that we may suffer that many will wake and return to Him..... or if His return is imminent.  Just prepare for your own accountability before God, be salt and light while you are here, reject the deceivers, and follow no one but Jesus Christ.

What can you share with your fellow citizens who know the truth of the evil stronghold in America and are scared?  We need to share the truth with the lost and fooled, but we also need to encourage and hold up those, who in knowing the truth, are fearful in these times in America. ENCOURAGE AND HOLD UP ONE ANOTHER. 

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