Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just How Sick is Hillary Clinton?

Here is what is REALLY going on with Hillary's Health.


What the Press is Not Telling You
Leaked Records from Clinton’s Doctor – She is Dying (VIDEO)

Here is what is REALLY going on with Hillary. She has known this for at least 3 1/2 years. She only has around 1 year to live……..

Also, it has been made known that Chelsea Clinton’s apartment has the same address as an in home health care facility (and hospice care)

From the

Chelsea Clinton’s apartment shares address with home healthcare agency

Following Hillary Clinton’s now infamous public collapse, where her campaign originally said she was “overheated” but then later revealed she is suffering with pneumonia, the former Secretary of State was not taken to the hospital.

Instead, Hillary went directly to her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment in New York City, which ironically shares an address with the home healthcare agency known as “Metrocare Home Services Inc.”

A quick Google maps search shows that the home health care address brings up the location that Hillary did in fact exit from after her collapse.– source

So, now we know.



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