Friday, August 5, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...08/05/16:God Blessed This Country

Your Daily Bread for Life.

God blessed this country because it once had godly values. 

by-Jimmy Earl

God blessed this country because it once had godly values. God didn't turn his back on us, we turned our back on him. One nation under God quickly became one nation under the thumb of a liberal agenda, and that agenda stood for every minority group that didn't tolerate him. Our constitution was redefined by an interpretation that omitted the founders values, the values inspired by the bible. 

It's the progressive agenda that has very patiently and successfully destroyed who we once were. I personally had a very hard time throwing my conservative values out the window to support Trump. I knew in my heart that he was just about winning, not that much different than Hillary. 

However I tried. Between his NY values and the Bernie sanders communist campaign, we are so far to the left of center that it's just a few more election cycles before we're France. Progressive's have watched their ideology fail and now, the big prize, we fail. 

I'm just grateful that I remember being a part of the greatest country God ever created. I say that because it's all downhill from here. Our founders warned us and God told us that this would happen, no surprise, just sad! It was us, conservative America, that allowed this to happen.

We began to tolerate things God told us not to, we allowed schools to indoctrinate our children instead of raising them ourselves. It's on us because it was ours to lose, we chose to accept what our our parents wouldn't tolerate, what parents dabble in their children will embrace. 

Our God said "turn the other cheek" but he also said "shout his word from the highest mountain tops". I see a lot of cheeks turning but I don't hear much shouting. I guess I could continue with this conservative right wing babble, but I choose to stop now, and as Lan suggested "just pray for our country", or what our country once was. I will also pray for the grace, grace we don't deserve, and the strength to keep up the fight! "

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