Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trump or We Lose

America is my country and I am angry. How can a woman, because of her name and the power it holds, have no criminal charges filed against her? Is the FBI even under the control of Obama? One would have to surmise that James Comey is doing what he is told to do because he has been paid off or he has been threatened if he doesn't follow orders.

Trump has commented that Clinton should have been charged. After all, the woman has committed crimes!
What has this country come to? Am I living in total corruption? My bubble has been burst. Oh, of course I've been unhappy since Obama was elected. Now that makes me think. Would McCain or Romney have been better?

From what I've seen from those two characters, I'm not quite sure.

I know I've hoped that McCain would retire or been sent to a home for the mentally insane. I can't even listen to Romney rants about Trump. I believe Romney is a very evil man for what he has done to Trump after Trump supported Romney. Romney seems willing to crumble the GOP for his own beliefs of a man he took money from. Could it be that I voted for them with hopes if one of them would have beat Obama, there would not be so many Muslims in our government?

Hillary Clinton is corruption 'a la carte'. The emails are only one aspect of the evil deeds. Her defending a rapist, knowing he was guilty, and getting him off is yet another. That is only the tip of the iceberg. She lied to the families of the victims of Benghazi. She told them about the terrorist attack being because of a video. She had told the President of Egypt and her daughter a day before that the attack was terrorism. She lied then and continues to lie. The Clinton kill list is common knowledge. How can people even consider voting for a person whose character is worse than the devil himself? I must calm down and take a big long breath.

Making it to the election is the only hope I have for myself, my fellow Americans and the country as a whole. If Trump wins, my heart tells me that all my research and writing I have done to save my country, has not been in vain. If Trump doesn't win, we all lose because that would mean that the winner is a she devil or a witch who should be burned at a stake.

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