Thursday, June 9, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...6/09/16:Battle of the Sexes

Your Daily Bread for Life.

 Battle of the Sexes by Billy James Hargis Christian Crusade May 1993 Hillary Clinton wants to redefine motherhood! 

She is intent on dragging America through her new age concept of womanhood! With a sneer disdain for mothers who stay at home and bake cookies and nurture the nation’s next generation, will she succeed??? Will America’s increasing dislike for this assertive First Lady further guide the nation’s moms back home? Growing numbers are changing their mind about surrendering their motherhood to strangers and (supposedly) professional child rearers. As Hillary and her ever ineffective husband Bill took the White House the American Family unit was splintered facing enormous challenges, not the least of which, is the liberals latest effort to redefine what a family should be!

PL Sturgis: 

I wrote this poem in 1993 when Hillary first came out with this insult against the family. Nothing wrong with a housewife and mom staying home to care for her family. You can’t fool mother nature.: I never took to women’s Lib and one thing I must say: God must have wanted Adam’s Rib for reasons His own way! Go tell our legislators...We do not wish to crow! You can’t fool mother nature. God wouldn’t have it so! The woman, He Created for reasons His own way. That’s why we always hated what they call ERA! (Equal Rights Amendment) So if the roosters wish to crow while all the hens do lay....The eggs come from the hens, you know! So let them crow away!


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