Thursday, June 16, 2016

America's Last Hope

Climate change in the ocean has become a vital issue. This is what a security issue is at this time? The world around us is falling apart and the Obama-Regime is worried about the ocean? Government officials, mostly the Democrats, are more concerned about scientific concerns that have been disproved by other scientists. Our President feels that 'Climate Change' is the biggest concern for America and the world? We are in dire need of a US Presidential Election.

ISIS is killing thousands of people. Families are murdered for religious differences. No issues here, right?

Christians are being targeted and murdered in countries all over the world. This is not a vital issue? 

Iran will most certainly reach their goal for nuclear power because now the Obama-Regime has sealed the Iran deal.

The Muslim Middle East has run amok. Did our government forget that we have an ally, a small country surrounded by a Muslim world, Israel, in the area? It seems that this government doesn’t care about friends that have been there for us but instead gives support to Terrorists who would want to kill us. Maybe it is true that our President is not capable of doing his job or could it be that his intent is to make America and her allies weaker than they have ever been? I have been thinking about this for quite some time. It doesn't seem possible that an elected President can be so ignorant.

We have open borders and illegal’s coming across Mexico mixed in with Terrorists who blend in with the crowd. Our America is not safe in many areas. States bordering Mexico are the latest in a fear swept America. Texas is being left to handle their own problems; can they? Where is the Federal government? Are they all golfing? They are being paid with our tax dollars and they don't do what they were elected to do for 'We the People'.

The Border Patrol is supporting Trump because they are not allowed to stop illegal people who cross the border from Mexico into the US. They are doing as they please and they are not only Mexicans who use this route. The hands of US Border Patrols are tied by the current government.

Ghastly criminals are being left to go free from detention centers. Sanctuary Cities are everywhere. America is no longer the country I once knew. This must all be a bad dream. It has to be because I don’t know if I can wake up to this any longer. My only hope for the future lies with one man. That man is Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump is America's last hope to stop corruption and have a cabinet of skilled men and women to handle the mess our country is in.


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