Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Mike Hutton's Letter June 14,2016

There are too many traitors in our midst.

Where is the mainstream media on so many issues? They are failing the American People and failing America. They are traitors and while I'm clear on what a witch hunt is... we have to stop this from continuing to be the paradigm in America. America can't survive with a news media that fails to report the truth. And what we have in the American news media is worse than that. 

It's controlled by ideology. 

That is hard to prove in court and Freedom of the Press means there is no mandate legally possible in any case. The Freedom afforded the Press means, however, that ideologues can take control of it and effectively turn it into propaganda. And that is what has happened in America. The Main Stream Media, as it is called, fails to report on matters of national importance, such as Hillary's betrayals of the American people, while it focuses on anti-gun rhetoric in the aftermath of a terror attack (which political correctness prevents from being called 'Islamic Terror'.) But there is no legal means to demand that the American News Media be responsible to its mandate to provide unfettered and unbiased information to the American People SO THAT THEY CAN GOVERN! 

The news media is referred to as the '4th Estate' of American government for that reason and without a robust investigative news media that presents the truth rather than fiction American government can not survive. So HOW do we stop them? How do we stop these ideologues from controlling the information stream that the American people consume. There is only one answer. Patriot Union. We are voiceless and disunited and disorganized. And if we don't change that there is NO ONE to shout our anger and deliver our reason with meaningful force.

But if we are an organized union... composed of the 30 million patriotic Americans and the thousands of patriotic agencies and efforts fighting to save this country... we suddenly become a powerful voice with an agency to deliver the message and the resources to demand reform. We have to fight on every level. We have to bring the force of law where it can succeed. We have to identify and boycott those in commerce and the news media that are failing America because we have the power to control their purses if we work together.

We have to begin bringing the power of American conservatives to bear in political races, and believe me because I know this is fact from my own personal experience, when you walk into a Congressperson's office and tell them you represent 20% to 25% of their constituency they will bow to your demands because they know that most elections are controlled by less than 15% of the vote. We have the ability through collective strength to put a halt to everything we see going wrong in this nation.

But we have to commit to being part of a Patriot Union that is organized and working and speaking on our behalf. This is my vision for this organization, Americans United Against Tyranny. It can become the most powerful political and social movement in the history of America and indeed of all mankind. I want to see righteous people standing together intelligently and confidently working together to set America right. It can be done. 

The Left is basically doing the same thing except for the wrong agenda... one that is not about the Constitution and not about Liberty and Justice. But we have Right and our goals are Just because they are not about control.. they are about freedom. They are not about government power.. they are about People power. 

They are American. Now.. the question is.. how do we build the Patriot Union?

Comment :

The most powerful weapons that man can possess,is the right to free speech, and the right to arm and protect oneself ,family , rights and property, these are the two main and most powerful rights to stop tyranny and slavery of a free people !!! and this is why the first and second amendment are in that order, without the first and second Amendment ,there would not be a United States of America, and we would not be having this conversation !!! and none of these things would be possible if it was not for the holy Bible and Christianity ! Bill Sharpe.

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