Thursday, May 12, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life...5/12/16:Close Call

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Cecil Vossler and son Nicholas

Guide April 2016
 by Daniel Rose, Orange, Texas

Close Call:

June 10,2o13. For the past few days Aaron Rose had been on a vacation in Roatan, Honduras. Aaron watched the sea around him as the sun was setting and it getting darker. He needed to be home before dark so he turned toward the shore. By 6:30 Aaron’s Dad ran to the spot where Aaron had went in. The wind was strong and Aaron had shifted to get more comfortable and his Kayak turned and Aaron fell in the water. Aaron’s Dad reported his son missing and they sent a dozen boats out to Search for his son.

By 7:30 Aaron was still fighting to keep the boat upright. By 11 PM the waves were 12 feet tall and swallowed Aaron. Still, he fought to keep the boat upright. His hands were blistered and the salt water burned his eyes. At 12 AM Aaron’s family watched as the search boats came in. They had searched the entire bay. 1:45 AM, Aaron’s Dad still on the beach, kept praying for Aaron.

Meantime his Dad had pulled out his phone and opened to face book. Hundreds of people were praying for Aaron to be found. A woman from India; a man from germany. Aaron’s Dad ran down to the waves shouting. “PEACE BE STILL!” UNTIL HE HAD NO VOICE LEFT. June 11,2013 at 5:30 AM the winds had calmed as the sun peeked over the horizon. 6:30 AM Aaron saw a smudge of land in the distance. 

He paddled his hands to the shore. 9 AM Aaron’s Dad sat on the beach with his head buried in his hands when suddenly someone called his name, “Mark! Your son is alive. Aaron’s Mom said they should post to facebook to tell others who had been able to connect with them through prayer. It’s good to get away from it all but you never can get away from the power of Prayer!

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