Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A New Contract With America....

Trump must unify the Party,or the Grand Old Party is Dead

A New Contract With America.... Trump must unify the Party with a written plan to make America Great Again

It's time to unify the Party thru a New Contract With America... 10 Key elements that become the rally point for all Candidates running for Office under the GOP Banner. It is time for Trump to use the National Convention to create a 'Contract with America' as a KEY Element in unifying the GOP during this election cycle.

A New Contract With America must become Trump's contract with the American People... A plan for the first 180 days in office, with such items as:

1. Build the Fence... Fund and begin building the fence along the Southern border. Issue Executive Orders that initiate bids and policy for building the fence. Work with Congress to pass and fund any initiating legislation to build the fence using taxes or fees charged for permitting entry of Mexico's goods and services. Repeal and renegotiate NAFTA citing Mexico's violations of the Treaty as the legal reasons for withdrawing.

2. Repatriate US Business and Capital... Issue Executive Orders and initiate legislation necessary to repatriate the US Dollars while penalizing US Corporations for moving or remaining overseas.

3. Freeze all Legal Immigration and Refugee programs... until the Government is able to properly vet and control the numbers and quality of those entering the US.

4. Roll Back and Freeze all EPA rules to the Pre-2008 standards... Use Executive Orders and initiate legislation to roll back the EPA and its war on business, Coal and Fracking... Initiate legislation to encourage the expansion of US refining capacity. Completely review all regulatory interference with commerce to maximize the economic returns while protecting society from overt environmental abuse.

5. Reduce Income Taxes on the Middle Class... plug the loop holes on income earned from capital gains and other venture capitol income. The goal should be the creation of equitable tax policy that encourages venture capitol and investment without exploiting loop holes that are unfair to tax payers in general.

6. Examine and End adverse regulatory restraint... on US manufacturing and small business. The goal should be to DRAMATICALLY reduce regulatory restraints on business.

7. Repeal the Patriot Act and other National Security measures... that violate the US Constitution. Replace the Patriot Act, with Constitutional friendly Amendments to the existing National Security Act. Use Executive Orders to immediately end the most draconian effects of the Patriot Act: unconstitutional violations of the right to privacy (protect the People's right to be secure in their homes and personal papers/effects). End any provision, by law, to detain US Citizens without the right of 'Habeas Corpus' and 'Due Process'. Fully restore the 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 14th Amendment's Constitutional protections granted to US CITIZENS. Issue Executive Orders clarifying who is covered by the US Constitution... 'We the People', US Citizens, and aliens legally in the US... not illegal aliens. We must not trade liberty for security.

8. End Sanctuary Cities and Government entities... Use the current law to prosecute those aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Stop all Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities, government agencies, and NGO's, that are aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Extend, by Executive Order, the right for States and Local Police to assist the Federal Government in the enforcement of Federal Statutes. Initiate any necessary federal legislation to provide such assistance authority permanently... to the State and Local Governments. Enforce all current US Immigration law and begin the process to revise them as needed to secure our borders and national interests.

9. Review and renegotiate all Trade Agreements and Treaties with foreign governments... with an eye on negotiating 'fair trade'': trade, that brings back manufacturing to the US. Enforce and use violations to the existing Trade Agreements and Treaties to withdraw from them... unilaterally... and then defend those decision as necessary. Initiate New Fair Trade Policy and enabling legislation.

10. Review the use of and rebuild US Military Power... redefine its use, as a tool for creating our foreign policy. Rebuild our military to make it the best in the world, and require those needing our assistance to share the expense and blood, for rendering such assistance. Initiate the necessary legislation to enable such restructuring of our US Military and its use overseas. Enforce the required Declaration of War under the US Constitution and our National Security Act before committing US Troops anywhere outside of the US. End the Carte-Blanche use of the US Military by the President. Enforce the 90 Day limits on the US Military's deployment, without a Congressional declaration of WAR... end extended police actions and Nation building.

The above are 10 proposed actions... others may be substituted or more added to outline the GOP's plan for making America Great Again. Trump should have a 'Contract with America' ready in time to have it approved at the GOP National Convention. He must have all of the GOP's candidates sign on to this CONTRACT. It must become the core for the Party's legislative and Administrative Plan for the first 180 days of a Trump Administration.

Proposing a 'Contract With America' to be adopted by the GOP National Convention... will unify the narrative for Making America Great Again in a Trump Administration. Trump should ask the GOP and all the candidates on the GOP ticket, to commit to supporting a unified plan for making America Great Again. In addition, the People will know that Trump and the GOP are sincere regarding such a plan.

Comments :

1) I absolutely love this. There are 2 items I would add. One, push for a line item veto. Congress would hate this; they would have a harder time with all their pork-barreling and might actually return to the original intent of one issue/one bill/one vote (I am sure this is wishful thinking). Two, cut down or completely eliminate federal agencies and return some of these responsibilities to the States. I am sure we can come up with a long list, but the department of education is the first to come to mind. Reagan tried; wouldn't it be something if Trump could do it?

 Reply by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret)

2) I agree... we might want to add a line which requires the new administration to review all Departments and government agencies for their Article 1, Section 8, authority. Where there is no Constitutional Authority for the Department or Agency either close them or Amend the Constitution.

I am sure there are other items... balanced budget amendment, line item veto, etc,, that could be added to the list above. However, we want to prioritize the list keeping it as small as possible. There could be a provision to provide a second list, of ten items, to be accomplished in the following 180 days... completing a Contract with America... for the FIRST YEAR of Trump's Administration.

The Important thing is that we have a Contract that the GOP ... all candidates sign on to support. Congress must get behind or commit to support the Contract. It would be nice to see the first years top 20 items... and too have a commitment to do the same for the second year. Let's all write Trump... copy and paste this suggestion to his website.

3) Absolutely agree with you... and it would be a dagger straight to the heart of politicians on both sides of the isle that continue their criminal behavior

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