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Your Daily Bread for Life... 4/12/16

Your Daily Bread for Life.
New Every Morning Dr. James Kennedy
The Bible and the Economy Do you think of work as being a curse?

It is not. God commanded Adam to tend the garden before Adam sinned. The Bible says if a man will not work neither should he eat. Thessalonians 3:10: Of course, this does not refer to a person unable to work. Another Biblical principle is free enterprise. 

This was not well understood until 1776 when Adam Smith wrote “The Wealth of Nations.” The result was the world wide birth of capitalism. Before that time most people lived hand to mouth for existence. Between 1800 and 1850 when spiritual principles were followed, especially in America, wages quadrupled.

 In this century a misapplication of the concept of charity and justice has created in our nation “social justice” better known as “welfare.” Public welfare is neither just or charitable because it forcibly takes money from person A and gives it to person B. Public welfare tempts people to take advantage of public money and to fight for it as much as they can get. 

It creates laziness and destroys private charity.

 Pearl’s Poem:
 Mark it Down (2006)

Folks are on vacation but I’m working hard. Folks are laughing and singing while I’m sick and tired. Mark it down Lord. Mark it down. We can’t make the mortgage payments on our house. Some folks have no children and they have no spouse. Mark it down Lord. Mark it down. 

Folks are blind and crippled but I’m walking tall...and I have no handicap to name at all. Mark it down Lord. Mark it down. I’ve a Home in Heaven with my loved ones dear. You will never leave me nor forsake me here. Mark it down Lord. Mark it down.--- When I frown...mark it down...in Your record Book of Life. Mark it Down! Mark it down! My afflictions they are light. 

( I was filling out my medical history when I noticed I marked no on all those health problems and diseases. When I got home I wrote “Mark it Down.)

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