Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donald Trump or Revolution 2016!

Donald Trump or Revolution 2016! 
by Joseph Ardito

The Canadian candidate Ted Cruz who recently renounce his Canadian citizenship on June 14, 2014 is being funded by the establishment, George Soros and the socialist Marxist media owned by democrats .

John Kasich a hardcore democrat partnered with Hillary Clinton being sponsored by George Soros running as a "republican" totally undermines the GOP and Democratic establishment as a two headed snake.

The Canadian candidate Ted Cruz and John Kasich are without a doubt the Trojan horses of our corrupted government's elections process to undoubtedly deny the people the right to "free elections" as they pave the way for a Clinton or Bush candidate.

These candidates are part of our corrupted government protecting the status quo of our career corrupted politicians linked to the Clintons and Bush family looting our country's fortune. The Bush and Clinton family believe they own the United States and its people and are entitled to our worldly importing and exporting contracts with other countries as well as selecting instead of electing presidential candidates, the federal court justices, attorney generals, the congress, the house and senate committees!

If the Canadian candidate Ted Cruz and John Kasich really cared about America and had any morale values, respected the constitution they wouldn't rely on "voter fraud or rigged elections, corrupted sponsors, corrupted lobbyists or foreigners involved in our free elections seeking to destroy America.

The Canadian candidate Ted Cruz is all for the New World Order; sealed his personal records like Obama; voted against auditing the federal reserve in where 43 trillion dollars is missing; extended unlimited powers to Obama the fraud; voted for doubling the HB1 visas removing jobs from United States citizens; importuning and soliciting and perpetrating massive voter fraud in Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado and other states; being sponsored by foreign countries with conflicts of interest to undermine our "importing and exporting trade contracts; being sponsored by the establishment and George Soros as the Canadian candidate once claimed to have depicted as the Washington cartel that he allegedly claimed to have despised that he has now joined the ranks of corruption; the Canadian candidate vowed to protect the constitution and as a one year senator like Obama the fraud continues to manipulate and distort the constitution to benefit his own candidacy as a natural born citizenship; Ted Cruz identical to Obama the fraud has sealed his personal records, as he has recently on July 14th, 2014 finally renounce his Canadian citizenship!

It's been the Bush and Clinton family for "20" (twenty) years prior to Obama the traitor fraud.

The Bush and Clinton families have with intent and premeditation manipulated and distorted the voting ballots so they can choose a presidential candidates instead of the people electing our presidential candidates.

The Bush and Clinton family actually believe they own America and have the right to select our president violating the people's right to free elections this same kind of election process takes place in socialist, marxist, tyrannical and dictatorships around the world.

The Bush , the Clinton family, George Soros, the GOP establishment believe they have the right with intent and premeditation to manipulate and distort the United States elections to choose a presidential candidate of their choosing so they can continue to sustain their corrupted power violating free elections and the will of the people.

The Bush and Clinton family have enslaved the American people by and through massive immigration , voter fraud and the contracts of foreign countries that have lined their pockets.

We the people of the United States continue to be deceived by the socialist Marxist coup d'e tat of the United States that has in essence blatantly violated our laws, borders, constitution, free elections and sovereignty to insure that the Bush and Clinton family retain power.

Joseph Christian Henry Ardito

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