Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thought's Of A Patriot :

Are You Tired Of  Obama and his Democratic Bunch,and the Do Nothing Congress to Boot ?


Hello  Patriots and friends, Bill Sharpe  Here.

Ask yourself this question what limits do the enemies of the United States of America have ?

 It's not financial, it's not intellectual, there's no lack of ambition, the answer is there are no limits to what our enemies are willing to do to kill and to destroy US. That's right they have no limits, their past history shows that they tried to overthrow the Egyptian government and there people, they have taken back several cities in the Middle East, they have taken strategically valuable targets in the Middle East, they have trained men to become pilots to fly those planes into our buildings, not only into our buildings, but they selectively picked the most strategically financial targets probably in the whole world.

 So if you think that they are incapable of taking our government over your making a terrible mistake, everything this president and his administration has done, but more importantly everything that he has not done, should be Evidence enough that he does not care about America. 

His own statements, he said if the political winds should turn ugly against Islam, he will stand with Islam and Muslim people !!! 

( I think they do. I think we all need to take a man at his word. Barack Obama’s words from his own life story are under debate, yet should be of interest to all of us. Many conservatives attribute these words to Obama from his autobiography, “I will stand with the Muslims.” Those were not his exact words. But his actions indicate it is exactly what he meant.) Personal Liberty

They kill children, they set people fire that are alive, their cruelty has no equal in History of the world. These people are warmongers, they have been fighting wars probably as long as history has been recorded, they are experts at fighting wars! For those of you who are not aware of these things you are about to be woken up to a shocking fact, that the United States of America has been overthrown by the Muslim brotherhood, their intentions are to get us to fight amongst ourselves,All the while why letting their invading army enter this country, is there any doubt that Mr. Obama has not cause this.

 Every action that this president has takes is strategically designed to undermine our Constitution, our laws, and our freedoms. To those people who have been entrusted with the lives of the American people, with the protection of our Constitution and our laws, you are the only ones who can stop this planned anarchy by this current administration, and save this country and its people from tyranny and cruelty that only existed in the past until now !!! 

         Bill Sharpe 

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