Wednesday, December 16, 2015


"Thoughts On The Debate In Las Vegas"

The debate is over. Did anyone win hands down? Not really But I do think a couple of candidates should drop out. I mean that very seriously Ben Carson, you must go. You are putting me to sleep. Seeing you in another debate might put me in a coma And as for you, John Kasich, I want no more of your slobbering. Please go. 

I want no more of ya And what can be said of Jeb Bush that has not been said so many times before? Jeb, please look for the exit sign and haul your ass out the damn door And you might ask what do I think of Carly Fiorina. There are times she'll say something interesting But why the hell does she have a hard time cracking a smile??A good bowel movement may cure this thing Rand Paul seemed to have a better night than he has had before but he is a loser in my view Maybe he should bow out.

 Yes, I will say it. Rand, pack up your bags. You are through Chris Christie has been impressive. He reminds us again and again that he was a tough prosecutor I have that image of him hugging Obama. I got to say this, Governor, I have a tough time trusting ya And speaking about untrustworthiness that brings me to the 'water boy'. He is such a great speaker. You have got to admire him for his debating skill But there's something about Marco, the Flip Flopper. It so bothers me still We are down to Ted and the DON. 

Methinks that it will in the end come down to these two Let's face it Cruz is the better debater of them all. His conservative credentials again came clearly through And finally there is the DON. Everyone believes he will be the last man standing much to the RNC's deep chagrin He may not be a stellar debate but he connects emotionally. The New Silent Majority believes he will make America great again!! Nothing really has changed. The Establishment will continue their plotting. They really hate seeing the DON win. And Cruz scares them as well A brokered convention is more and more of a possibility as far as I can tell

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